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Top 5 great work apps

(9 days ago) Apps are the things that work is made of--it's how we plan, communicate, and execute most of what we do. What seems obvious to one worker may not be so for another. Let's take a look at five great

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Five unusual apps you never knew you needed

(8 days ago) Admittedly, there are plenty of apps that will simulate an inbound phone call. But what sets this app apart is that it can help you to carry on a convincing conversation.

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Microsoft Windows 10: Five free apps you should download

(3 days ago) Comment and share: Microsoft Windows 10: Five free apps you should download By Nick Heath. Nick Heath is a computer science student and was formerly a journalist at TechRepublic and ZDNet.

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Five Apps for Active Directory management

(6 days ago) Five Apps. 1. Adaxes from Softerra. From user and manager self-service to automating administrative functions, Adaxes makes an Active Directory administrator's job much easier. Managers can

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Five free apps to help remind you to take a break

(4 days ago) There are numerous apps that use the Pomodoro technique, which breaks work sessions into 25 minutes of intense focus broken by five-minute breaks and one 10-minute break every hour.

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COVID vaccine card apps to digitize and store your health

(3 days ago) Similar to the Docket app, the Excelsior Pass is a COVID vaccine card app specifically designed for residents of New York. The website says the pass is also "available for negative tests," such as

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Install beta apps on your devices with TestFlight for iOS

(7 days ago) Install beta apps on your devices with TestFlight for iOS 8 by Cory Bohon in Apple on January 28, 2015, 6:49 AM PST Using the new TestFlight application on iOS to install beta apps couldn't be easier.

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Five apps to make you a better typist

(2 days ago) Five apps to make you a better typist by Brien Posey in Five Apps , in Tech & Work on August 29, 2012, 10:42 PM PST Improve your keyboarding skills with the help of one of these typing tutors.

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The most dangerous messaging apps on Android

(2 days ago) Messaging apps are becoming some of the most popular smartphone programs in the world, and that means more attempts to phish their users, Kaspersky finds.

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Take a closer look at Windows 10's Apps & features tool

(Just Now) The Apps & features tool provides you with a very straightforward user interface. As you can see, in addition to a list of installed applications, which also includes the size of the app\program

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How to find and install Progressive Web Apps

(2 days ago) Google promotes Progressive Web Apps not only as the alternative to Chrome-specific apps, but also as the next generation of web apps. The term describes a set of features that results in a web

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Top 5 things to know about Progressive Web Apps

(5 days ago) Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are starting to get some attention. For instance, Amazon is using it for game streaming service on iOS. PWAs give you the advantages of an app with the freedom of

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10 things you can do to improve your application

(5 days ago) Application development is rapidly changing so that mobile and Web-facing apps can meet the needs of outside customers. This means that IT has to adjust how it develops apps and also how it

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Microsoft Power Apps misconfiguration exposes data from 38

(2 days ago) Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code development tool designed to help people with little programming experience build web and mobile apps for their organizations.

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How to reinstall App Store apps on Macs and iOS devices

(3 days ago) iOS users seeking to change whether music, apps, books, audiobooks, and updates automatically download can modify those settings by opening Settings, tapping iTunes & …

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Boost Windows performance with these five apps

(1 days ago) 5: CCleaner. CCleaner ( Figure E) is a free tool for cleaning up and optimizing your system. As Jack Wallen mentioned in Five apps for degunking your system, this is an outstanding tool. It can

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How to use Progressive Web Apps on Android

(Just Now) When I first read about Progressive Web Apps, my first thought was of security. You see, with standard apps, you go to the Google Play Store and trust those apps have been vetted and are safe.

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EcoQoS gives Windows 11 apps better battery life

(6 days ago) EcoQos apps. Background tabs or sleeping tabs in Microsoft Edge use EcoQoS on Windows 11. When you haven't been looking at a tab in Edge for a while, you'll notice that it's greyed out; that

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Five apps to make use of your Microsoft Surface pen

(9 days ago) Here are five apps that excel at their respective tasks. Windows 10 was greatly improved by the Anniversary Update, especially for Microsoft's line of Surface tablets and laptops.

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Malicious Android apps try to hijack your Facebook account

(6 days ago) Apps accessible this way likely have not been run through security scans and could more easily contain malicious code. Be vigilant about the activity and requests of mobile apps. Be aware that if

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How to set default apps in Android 10

(5 days ago) In fact, there are a number of default apps you can set. Android 10 allows you to set defaults for the likes of: Assistant. Web browser. Caller ID & Spam app. Home launcher. Phone. SMS. From

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8 essential Zoom apps for every business user

(3 days ago) Note: To install these apps, you need to have a Zoom account. Gmail Zoom's Gmail integration app allows Zoom users to schedule meetings right from Gmail, which means there won't be a need to learn

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The 7 best productivity apps for workers on the go

(8 days ago) Todoist. The Todoist app is the digital to-do list for business professionals. The app features a number of templates to help people outline tasks and set objectives without missing a beat (or

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Five apps to get more from your GoPro camera

(9 days ago) 1: GoPro Studio. GoPro Studio ( Figure A) is a free app created by GoPro that's designed to help you to create movies from your raw footage. GoPro cameras create a series of 4 GB files as they

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How to control activity tracking by apps on your iPhone or

(1 days ago) With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced a requirement dubbed App Tracking Transparency. With this feature, apps that want to track your activity now need to get your permission to do so.

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How to download and install Microsoft 365 apps on Mac

(6 days ago) Microsoft's developed standalone versions for many of its popular 365 apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac users, while a suite of cloud-based editions are also available to subscribers using Apple

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Windows 10 on your smartphone: Microsoft brings desktop

(7 days ago) Windows 10 on your smartphone: Microsoft brings desktop apps to mobile. Giving Windows 10 phones the ability to run the broad sweep of Windows apps could make handsets more appealing to business

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10 tips for building reactive mobile applications

(7 days ago) Apps which attempt to perform numerous functions (some of which may be unnecessary or unwanted) often become too convoluted, confusing and cumbersome. An app …

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7 slightly obscure Android apps you should be using

(3 days ago) Give one or more of these apps a try and see if they don't wind up on your regular rotation. 5G and Mobile Enterprise Newsletter. 5G networks and devices, mobile security, remote support, and the

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10 quick tips to make Windows 10 work the way you want

(9 days ago) 6: Change where apps install. Many computers these days are shipping with a combination of SSD and large capacity mechanical data drives. A great idea, but it does require a bit more management

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Your iPhone and the Pegasus spyware hack: What you need to

(Just Now) The findings indicated that the Pegasus spyware program sold by surveillance company NSO Group was able to infect iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models through zero-click attacks in the iOS iMessage app

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How to manage iOS devices with Google Apps

(Just Now) Google Apps mobile app management options enable a "wipe account" option for iOS devices. Now, a remote "wipe account" command sent to a connected iPhone or iPad will remove apps and data

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Five utilities for a better Google Earth

(5 days ago) Five Apps. 1. SketchUp. SketchUp is a free utility that allows you to create 3D models for Google Earth. The program is basically a CAD tool, and although it offers Google Earth support, it can be

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How to use Google Drive as an Android progressive web app

(1 days ago) These apps can be installed, without the need for any app store, and live on the Android home screen. PWAs offer an immersive, fullscreen experience and can even offer web push notifications.

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The best email platforms for iPhone, iPad and Mac users in

(Just Now) The Gmail accounts can readily be loaded within Apple's Mail apps across those devices, and (as with Apple iCloud accounts), the web app works well and Google manages backend tasks that ensure

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Google Workspace: A cheat sheet

(8 days ago) Google Workspace is a set of communication and collaboration apps built for people in organizations.The core Google Workspace communication apps, such …

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How to quickly pause an Android app

(3 days ago) To pause an app, long press the app launcher in question and then tap Pause App. The app is now paused and will be grayed out until the end of the day. Of course, there is a way around the pausing

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How to enable access to Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows

(7 days ago) To find the app, open the Microsoft Store, navigate to the Apps section and search for the term "Microsoft Whiteboard." The top entry in the results should be the app you are looking for,

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2 easy ways to deploy Adobe CC packages in the enterprise

(5 days ago) This includes viewing the apps panel, allowing non-admin accounts to update apps, changing the installation directory, and selecting whether an Internal Adobe Update Server will be used or if IT

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What Windows 11 means for Windows on Arm, and why it will

(9 days ago) Office is switching from CHPE to ARM64EC for its 64-bit ARM version so x64 plugins will work with it, and Windows 11 already uses ARM64EC for system DLLs so that x64 apps running in emulation will

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