Microsoft 365 Apps: Enhancement for Configuration Manager

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise offers three production update channels for you to choose from: Current Channel, Monthly Enterprise Channel and Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel.The channel(s) you choose to support in your environment will determine the update frequency, features, and support duration between versions.

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Selecting Required Apps for your Enrollment Status Page

(1 days ago) Apps that can be installed later from Company Portal. Critical apps that if missing would lead to an inability to be secure or access core services (ex: VPN, antivirus, etc.) Core productivity apps like Microsoft 365 Apps and Teams; Important apps that are likely to be needed within the first 30 minutes to 1 hour of provisioning the device

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How to troubleshoot onboarding devices to the new Apps

(5 days ago) First things first: we need to check if your devices are running a version of the Microsoft 365 Apps that supports the new features in Apps Admin Center. This is a prerequisite for onboarding devices to the new service. The Microsoft 365 Apps need to be running version 2008 (16.0.13127.21064) or higher. Here are the steps:

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Use Microsoft Endpoint Manager filters to target apps and

(1 days ago) IT administrators can now use filters in Microsoft Endpoint Manager to target apps, policies and other workload types to specific devices. Available in public preview with the May release of Microsoft Intune, the filters feature gives IT admins more flexibility and helps them protect data within applications, simplify app deployments, and speed up software updates.

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Azure Logic Apps Announcement – GA of single-tenant

(5 days ago) Azure Logic Apps Announcement – GA of single-tenant Standard SKU. May 25 2021 08:00 AM. May 25 2021 08:00 AM. Today marks a new chapter for integration at Microsoft - the General Availability (GA) of Logic Apps Standard - our new single-tenant offering. A flexible, containerized, modern cloud-scale workflow engine you can run anywhere.

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Block Access to Unsanctioned Apps with Microsoft Defender

(6 days ago) In a modern workplace where the average enterprise is using over 1,500 different cloud apps, and more than 80 gigabytes of data is being uploaded monthly to risky apps from business endpoint devices, the ability of IT and compliance administrators to manage and monitor s hadow IT becomes an (almost) impossible mission. It is not only about the ability to assess the potential risk that …

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Importing Apps to set up Cloud Management Gateway (CMG

(1 days ago) Background . SCCM requires someone with Global Admin privileges to Sign In from SCCM Console to automatically register Web/Server and Client/Native Apps with appropriate permissions to onboard AAD. This is a pre-requisite for an ARM based setup of CMG. Although, using Global Admin privileges to Sign In is an easy and quick way to register the Apps quite often SCCM admins have …

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Office apps simply disappeared

(6 days ago) A user under a Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly O365 Business Premium) license reported to me today that all Office 365 apps have disappeared from her Win 10 Pro computer. No errors, nothing, the software is simply gone. Googling on …

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How do we install Store apps the proper way

(7 days ago) Currently it is not possible to run Modern Apps along with FsLogix, and this is a by design behaviour as both technologies are working as expected, the problem is the compatibility between them. This is caused by the way both technologies work. Basically Modern apps have part of the info in the base OS and part of the info in the user profile

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Introducing the Azure Static Web Apps CLI

(7 days ago) Azure Static Web Apps seamlessly integrates globally distributed hosting for your static content, serverless APIs powered by Azure Functions, as well as features like authentication, custom routing, and route-based authorization.. With the new Static Web Apps CLI, you can now run your entire full-stack web app locally in your development environment and access many of the platform’s

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Rebrand apps to your own organization's branding with App

(Just Now) Feedback: Please consider extending the same capability to Custom Apps Published for the Enterprise. Although it is true that the Enterprise Devs can modify the Manifest to achieve this result, but Dev Teams and Teams Admins tend to be different in the enterprise, and sometimes 3rd party Devs are used for Teams App Development.

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Office Apps Configuration Portal

(5 days ago) With the new features announced at ignite for, I registered for the previews of the health features (inventory, security, etc). Can someone let me know how we get office apps to report to this portal? I'm not seeing any information after over a …

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[Q] How to force updates to Windows Store Apps in Intune

(3 days ago) It seems that by default (I have not configured anything explicitly) Windows Store Apps do not get auto-updated even I have this: That applied to various apps, inc Windows Store itself! All I could find is How to disable updates but I want the opposite, I want the updates to happen! Anybody a

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Desktop Bridge – The bridge between desktop apps and the

(3 days ago) Starting from 14th September, you can actually download from the Store real desktop apps and not just native Universal Windows Platform apps. Up to today, there are more than 40 converted apps available on the Store, including some very popular names like Evernote, Kodi, Open Live Writer and Arduino IDE.

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Customize productivity apps with lists and libraries

(5 days ago) No-code and low-code apps have been essential in SharePoint for a long time. Additional tools from the Power Platform - Power Apps and Power Automate - provide additional power and capability to build productivity apps using SharePoint lists as the data source. In this demo-heavy session, see how Mi

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How to onboard devices to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin

(3 days ago) How to onboard devices to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center. In this session, learn how to manage the life cycle of your Office applications. We will walk you through the Office installation, onboarding devices to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center, registering with inventory, and how to utilize servicing profiles. Mar 02 2021 12:26 PM.

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Connect your Favorite Apps to Microsoft Cloud App Security

(3 days ago) Connect your Favorite Apps to Microsoft Cloud App Security. Oct 29 2020 05:32 PM. As our team assists customers in adopting Microsoft Cloud App Security, and continues to encourage customers to leverage the best of its capabilities, we often see that a number of our customers are not aware of how simple and beneficial it can be to connect their

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Understanding the capabilities of unmanaged apps, managed

(5 days ago) Unmanaged Apps An unmanaged app is any app available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone devices. Intune doesn’t have any control over the distribution, management, or selective wipe of these apps. Managed Apps A managed app is an app that an Intune admin publishes and deploys in the Intune admin console. All platforms discussed in

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Sensitivity labeling now built into Office apps for

(6 days ago) Microsoft Information Protection solutions help you better protect your sensitive information, wherever it lives or travels – across devices, apps, cloud services and on-premises. Our goal is to provide a consistent and comprehensive approach to …

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No apps appearing in company portal (windows, ios and

(7 days ago) No apps appearing in company portal (windows, ios and iphone) hi, we have deployed apps on iOS (vpp), windows, macos and android apps on devices for some time and successfully. Some users who have trouble with certain apps on ios and android (as an example, horizon smartphone app), we asked them to delete and the app should then reinstall

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Creating customized meetings experiences with apps in

(6 days ago) Talent management apps are empowering organizations to bring their human resource processes into a single hub for collaboration. With meetings extensibility, developers can integrate their apps into the full meeting lifecycle to power scenarios such as in-meeting candidate analysis, interview question reminder notifications, and much more.

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Microsoft 365 apps say farewell to Internet Explorer 11

(7 days ago) These apps and services will phase out over weeks and months to ensure a smooth end of support, with each app and service phasing out on independent schedules. If you encounter issues while accessing Microsoft 365 apps and services from IE11 after August 17, 2021, support will be …

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Azure Logic Apps Running Anywhere: Built-in connector

(6 days ago) Logic Apps connectors provide quick access from Logic Apps to events, data, and actions across other apps, services, systems, protocols, and platforms. By using connectors in your logic apps, you expand the capabilities for your cloud and on-premises apps to …

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Can't add apps to channel meetings

(2 days ago) Still, if the option is selected under the team settings team members can add a tab in a channel, but you cannot add it in a channel meeting apparently. Perhaps it has something to do with guests, as they are not allowed to add apps (tabs, bots, connectors) and that guests can be added later on etc. Feb 26 2021 05:41 AM.

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How to beautify your Power Apps

(6 days ago) Fluent UI icons Power Apps offers you a variety of icons - and recently, there were nice additions announced and rolled out. But if we want to create even more appealing apps, it makes sense to extend our pretty little icon library. Microsoft provides us with Fluent UI. Fluent UI is a collectio

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Running WSL GUI Apps on Windows 10

(6 days ago) In this post I will demonstrate how to run Linux GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications on Windows Desktop platform.. For now, it is necessary to install a third-party App to run the GUI Apps, but Microsoft announced on //build 2020 that they will release soon an improvement that will not require any third-party component to run Linux GUI Apps on Windows Desktop.

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Setting up cloud PC stucks at VSB_Policy_with_Microsoft

(8 days ago) Re: Setting up cloud PC stucks at VSB_Policy_with_Microsoft_365_Apps. Microsoft says: This is an active investigation our side, we will fix this asap. They stopped the Windows 365 Trials since the high demand. Tried it a serveral times but get stucked even i use Microsoft 365 Business Premium and wait overnight.

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Provision users into apps using SQL as a user store, more

(7 days ago) The app integration wizard makes it easier to connect apps in our app gallery to Azure AD by taking admins through a guided configuration experience in setting up single sign-on. Once applications have been setup for single sign-on, admins can then automate user provisioning using the hundreds of pre-built provisioning connectors.

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Default apps in WVD

(3 days ago) Default apps in WVD. We are dealing with an issue with WVD Remote Apps where we cannot set or maintain default apps for users. For instance, we want the default browser to be Chrome, mail to be OutLook, .doc files to open in Word, PDFs to open in Reader and the settings are not sticking.

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Intune Android Enterprise

(7 days ago) Re: Intune Android Enterprise - Enable Samsung System Apps. System apps will be supported on Android Enterprise devices. In Intune, you will add an Android Enterprise system app by selecting Client apps > Apps > Add. In the App type list, select Android Enterprise system app. …

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Enhance productivity in Microsoft Teams with pop out apps

(4 days ago) 1. Pop out your personal apps pinned in your app bar. You can easily pop out your personal apps from your app bar on the left rail. Simply ‘right click’ on the desired app and select the “Pop out app” field in the window or open the app and locate the ‘pop out’ symbol in the top right of the tab bar. Your personal app will then pop

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Support Tip: How to enable Intune app protection policies

(6 days ago) Updated 4/28: The Microsoft Lists app is now available as a public app in Intune app protection policy (APP) and on or around May 14, 2021 also supports the Conditional Access (CA) grant access control: “Require app protection policy”. Several of our customers want to manage the new Microsoft Lists mobile app for iOS. This mobile app helps you track information and organize your …

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Apps are not supported in Microsoft Edge.

(4 days ago) Re: Apps are not supported in Microsoft Edge. Google said Wednesday that it will begin to phase out traditional Chrome apps starting in June, and winding down slowly over two years’ time. Chrome extensions, though, will live on. extentions are still going to be and stay supported Mar 29 2020 02:39 PM - edited ‎Mar 30 2020 01:07 AM.

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How to change the frequency of Windows store app updates

(2 days ago) When I set "Update apps automatically" in the Store settings as OFF, nothing happened. But when I set auto-updating ON and executed Get-CimInstance again, the Store automatically started downloading and installed the update for Mail and Calendar. Under the both settings OFF/ON, Get-CimInstance command returns the same "zero".

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Logic Apps and VNET access without ISE

(9 days ago) For example the second option could be used with function apps that have vnet integration and you can reach out your on-prem data source using a function app in the middle . Logic app -> Function app ( configure access restrictions and vnet ingration ) -> on prem. Or you can just use a function app instead of your logic app to reduce costs

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Remove the solid color square block from App icons in

(6 days ago) Remove the solid color square block from App icons in Windows settings => Apps to make the design consistent . You've removed the solid color square from Appl icons in the start menu, now they have a nice trimmed look that are modern. but in Windows settings, app icons still have their solid color square, it makes things inconsistent and ugly.

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Viva Connections Issue

(6 days ago) Power Apps webpart prompts to sign: Using the Teams dev tools to identify the traffic it simply seems no auth token is being passed in both cases. As the same pages/WebParts work fine from SharePoint and Teams tabs, my understanding is that the issue relates to …

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Deploying macOS apps with the Intune scripting agent

(8 days ago) By Neil Johnson – Principal Program Manager | Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Intune . The recommended methods of deploying apps with Microsoft Intune are the built-in app deployment features for Edge, Office and Defender.We also support Mac App Store and line-of-business apps.However, there are occasions where an application you need is not made by Microsoft, is not in …

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How to use Power Platform’s advanced data backend for all

(9 days ago) Works as the backend service that powers Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI. More capacity, control and capabilities. Built on additional enterprise-grade Azure services for larger scale, data integration, relevance search, off-line support and more granular security. Scales to 4TB or more.

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Existing Apps Stopped Working after upgrade to Windows 11

(3 days ago) Existing Apps Stopped Working after upgrade to Windows 11. The problem I am facing currently : "Most of my existing apps (non Store Apps) and games have stopped working." I tried to reinstall those applications and even tried to run with compatibility settings …

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Conditional Access policies now apply to all client

(8 days ago) The client apps condition, including improvements to the client apps admin experience, is now in General Availability. Daniel Wood, a program manager on the Conditional Access team, has written a blog to explain how these changes can help secure your organization.

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Power Apps for ProDevs APIs, DevOps & Publishing to

(9 days ago) Per Mikkelsen, GPM for Microsoft Power Platform, joins host Jeremy Chapman to share how you can build APIs as serverless functions, integrate Power Apps as part of your CI/CD pipelines, and publish Power Apps to Microsoft Teams for increased discoverability. The Power Platform is designed for any ap p and any developer.

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Containerize and migrate applications to AKS with the

(1 days ago) Deploy apps to Azure Kubernetes Service: With the container image built, you are now ready to deploy the containerized application to Azure Kubernetes Service. The tool generates the Kubernetes resource definitions specification file to deploy the apps to your Azure Kubernetes Service cluster. You can specify values to use for the parameterized

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Possible to disable Microsoft Store while allowing app

(4 days ago) This policy is not designed to prevent them from using apps that are already installed. If you block the store from the computer policy any Store apps, including inbox apps will not be updated and will eventually cause those apps to potentially stop working. If you want to ensure the store doesn't even launch, I would suggest using AppLocker

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Allowed Apps not showing up in Teams

(3 days ago) Re: Allowed Apps not showing up in Teams. Hi! It’s a combination. Tenant level they should be enabled in M365 Admin Portal under Settings > Services and Add In > Teams > Apps and at the user level they should be defined by the App Permission Policy in the Teams Admin Centre. Hope that helps! Jul 29 2019 01:36 PM.

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HELP!! meetingSidePanel in apps meetings is not working

(Just Now) Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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