Student apps: the best free and paid for apps for the new

From apps that'll help you eat well to tech to ones that will facilitate your learning and budgeting skills, these are the apps you need for the best year ever.

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App Store anniversary: Here are the top 10 apps of all

(9 days ago) The charts for paying apps look a lot different, with services such as Netflix and Spotify coming first. Instant messenger service QQ, owned by WeChat’s Tencent, is the only app to appear on

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Mental Health Awareness week: Best therapy apps for

(9 days ago) From AI therapists to platforms that let you video-chat with a professional counsellor, these are the best apps to add to your post-lockdown mental health toolkit

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Meet the apps and websites using data to track the spread

(6 days ago) Meet the apps and websites using data to track the spread of Covid-19. From Siri’s smart Q&A settings to new software mapping out those with symptoms, data is the key to curbing Covid-19.

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Best pollen apps to help you manage and track hayfever

(3 days ago) Best pollen apps to help you manage and track hayfever The Evening Standard's journalism is supported by our readers. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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These are the apps people are using the most during

(Just Now) Fitness apps have been the new gyms since March 21, but some are doing better than others. Data spent on of MapMyRun doubled, as sunny weather, quarantine goals and cabin fever tempted people into

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Fitness apps, tools and trends to know for 2021 Evening

(Just Now) All the new fitness apps, tools and trends to know for 2021. From Apple’s new high-spec fitness platform to supercharging your cool down, this is your 2021 fitness mega-guide.

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How to ditch the dating apps and meet someone in real life

(8 days ago) For this reason, many people have turned to dating apps to make process of finding a bed buddy that much easier. In fact, a recent study by of …

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Best free fitness apps for iPhone and Android so you can

(8 days ago) Best free fitness apps . 30-day Ab Challenge . If you haven’t worked out in a while, then a challenge is a good way to kickstart that routine.

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5 NHS-approved apps that could help you to maintain a

(2 days ago) Active 10. This neat step tracker, which helps you set goals and monitor your achievement, is a great motivator for upping your physical activity. Download the app on the App

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Best Apple apps 2019: From the ultimate camera to the

(2 days ago) In the top free apps list, you won’t be surprised to see that social media drove the main downloads. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook Messenger took …

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Best dating apps 2021 Evening Standard

(Just Now) In traditional apps, when women match with guys, the unspoken rule is that they hesitate to initiate a conversation for fear of seeming weird or desperate. On …

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Meet the health tech apps supporting the NHS during Covid

(2 days ago) Meet the health tech apps supporting the NHS during Covid-19 The Evening Standard's journalism is supported by our readers. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate

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Thursday: the new dating app where you can only date on

(2 days ago) The best dating apps to use in 2021 10 things you need to know about Bumble and its founder as the dating app soars on IPO Lockdown’s fictional men have ruined dating for me.

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11 best apps to sell your stuff and make extra cash

(1 days ago) A wave of second-hand selling apps are having a moment and helping us all earn a bit of lockdown pocket-money. eBay sales skyrocketed 30 per cent between March and June last …

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Best money saving apps to help you budget and brighten

(7 days ago) Whether it's for a house deposit or a holiday, there are so many apps promising to help you save cash. Here are some of our favourites. The best money-saving apps to try. 1. Chip.

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Why period tracker and fertility apps are the hottest

(3 days ago) “Fertility apps can be helpful when planning a pregnancy, however, there is always a risk of pregnancy with any device that does not prevent the release of an egg or prevent the sperm from

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Caper is the play-inspiration app parents never knew they

(Just Now) This was the idea that sparked Caper, a new interactive play app which has recently spun out of the Founders Factory Studio programme and has just raised £300,000 in seed funding in a …

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Join the community: how Nextdoor app is helping to connect

(9 days ago) The app was a big deal in little communities well before the virus: last November, in London, it hosted Good Neighbour Awards — one woman and her …

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8 video messaging apps to download if you are self

(6 days ago) 8 video messaging apps to download if you are self-isolating If you can't see your loved ones, you should at least be able to check up on them Coronavirus: The symptoms

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From Bolt to Ola: the next-generation of UK taxi apps to know

(Just Now) Wheely is just one of the new ride-hailing apps to launch in London over the past two years / Wheely. By . Amelia Heathman. 11 February 2020. A.

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iOS 14: How to download the new iPhone update and our

(4 days ago) Seeing apps in alphabetical order is something Android has offered for years, not to mention widgets, so it’s good to see Apple adding this to iOS. App Clips will also change how you use apps.

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Huawei announces £20 million fund to expand its own app

(3 days ago) The problem is getting developers to make apps for a new ecosystem – at the moment developers favour the Google app story because every app or game that is …

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How sharing apps like OLIO could save you money in London

(Just Now) Apps and the sharing economy seem to have grown symbiotically. “Apps are the mesh that connects communities,” says Tessa Cook, “Nowadays, almost all people carry a …

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Fast food: How grocery apps like Weezy and Gorillas are

(7 days ago) The names sound more like cartoon characters than grocery apps: Jiffy, Zapp, Dija and Getir are among the others delivering in London so far (another, Fancy, offers a similar service in Birmingham

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Oceanforce: app designed by London school kids gamifies

(5 days ago) Oceanforce came about through an Ocean Plastics workshop held by cloud-based software company Salesforce and the non-profit Apps for Good, which works with schools in England and Scotland to

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The best fitness apps for at-home workouts London

(Just Now) Below, we’ve rounded up the best fitness apps on the market for your at-home workout. 1. Sweat with Kayla. Price: £14.11 per month. Kayla Itsines is the undisputed darling of the fitness world

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Best car hire apps to escape the city, the Covid-safe way

(5 days ago) Best car hire apps to escape the city, the Covid-safe way. Wary of getting on a plane? Car hire is a safe way to getaway

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Why Apple is removing parental control apps from the App

(4 days ago) MDM gives the apps third-party control and access over a device and information such as location, app use, camera permissions, email accounts and browser history. Read more.

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Moodrise: This new wellness app wants to fill your phone

(4 days ago) M. indfulness apps are the must-have addition to your smartphone with Apple and Google picking wellness app 10% Happier as part of their app lists in 2018.

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Best Android apps 2018 as picked by the Google Play Store

(6 days ago) To help you narrow down the apps which are actually useful, Google has released its official best apps of 2018 list. The rundown features the apps that have stayed consistently at …

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What is WeChat and why does Donald Trump want to ban the

(7 days ago) In June, India banned the app, along with TikTok and 57 other Chinese-built software apps, with the government saying they were a danger to the country's national security.

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Fika: Why this start-up wants to make emotional workouts

(2 days ago) Mindfulness apps are often criticised by using the very device that is accused of contributing to anxiety. Bennett’s perspective is that it’s important to engage with tech because it’s not

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Kama: Can this mindful sexual wellness app help you have

(9 days ago) No, Headspace has not diversified —this is a new app, called Kama, which describes itself as “a sexual wellness app designed to optimise your sexual pleasure”. It …

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Phone app to bring British Museum exhibits to life

(2 days ago) Where history comes alive: two new apps for a historical journey of northern France; Chris Michaels, the museum’s head of digital media, said: “The British Museum is …

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I spent a week renting out my life through sharing apps

(9 days ago) There are apps for renting your clothes, your dog, your wi-fi. Last week, the world’s largest furniture seller Ikea announced it was trialling the leasing of furniture, and it may even rent

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Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2020 London Evening Standard

(Just Now) The best apps to help you quit smoking and vaping in 2020 The Evening Standard's journalism is supported by our readers. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate

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How apps and VR are changing the face of therapy London

(9 days ago) According to research from Accenture, 4 in 10 people said they were using tools such as online services, apps and wearables to manage their stress, improve sleep …

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How do contact tracing apps affect your privacy

(6 days ago) C. ontact tracing apps have been heralded as one part of the tool kit to help manage the spread of coronavirus with countries working establish their own versions across the globe.

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Secure messaging apps: Yeo wants to take on WhatsApp

(2 days ago) The app Yeo (pronounced “yo”), stands for “your eyes only” and is billed as the new “WhatsApp” for those who want to lock down their privacy: an ultra-secure private messaging platform

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Acne breakout and can’t afford to see a dermatologist

(3 days ago) This new app is like a dermatologist in your smartphone Dr Esho said: “One off treatments can give skin a temporary boost but we know that to achieve great skin, it’s a journey, not an

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Squid is going to be the Google News-equivalent for Huawei

(4 days ago) According to a Reuters report, Huawei is going to build its own apps with TomTom’s maps, traffic information and navigation tools. At the launch of the company’s new folding smartphone,

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TikTok among 59 Chinese apps banned by India following

(7 days ago) Other apps now banned include the popular messaging platform WeChat, downloaded more than 100 million times on Android, and two apps by smartphone-maker Xiaomi.

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From sofa to safari: the rise of virtual travel Evening

(4 days ago) From sofa to safari: the rise of virtual travel. Summer holidays are off - but VR travel will set you free. From exploring Machu Picchu to going elephant spotting. Rosie Fitzmaurice has a virtual

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