8 Best Home Security System Apps of 2021®

The best apps allow for you to arm and disarm your monitored security system easily using the app. You should be able to easily check the status of your system and review your system’s events from your smartphone. User-friendly.

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6 Apps that Could Save Your Teenager's Life

(6 days ago) Apps like AT&T's DriveMode and Bouncie will help keep your teen safe behind the wheel. Sister, Bond and Noonlight are great personal security apps that can be used to help your child get home safely. And The American Red Cross' First Aid app provides vital resources and information to teens during an emergency.

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Is It Safe To Use FaceApp

(4 days ago) If you haven’t used FaceApp, you’ve probably seen images generated by its users. It’s a mobile app (available for iOS and Android) that transforms photos of faces.It includes the usual slew of filters and effects typical of photo editing apps, but the reason it’s gone viral is its uncanny ability to photorealistically transform you into someone else.

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5 Free Online Neighborhood Safety Tools

(8 days ago) There are some great online tools available to help you research your neighborhood's safety level. Check out our top 5 free neighborhood safety tools.

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The Dangers of Deepfake Videos

(Just Now) Some apps aren’t protecting your data. According to Forbes, TikTok has been accused of sending private biometric data used when making videos. It’s a security risk if hackers get ahold of this personally identifiable information (PII) to keep track of their whereabouts from the …

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7 Tips to Protect Your Smart Home from Hackers

(2 days ago) Registration is important because companies frequently push out software updates that address newfound bugs and security concerns. If a vulnerability has been discovered, you’ll need the company's software updates to patch it up. Also, when you install the associated apps, be cognizant of what permissions you’re granting.

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7 Best Smart Home Hubs of 2020®

(4 days ago) There are other smart home hubs that are simply software or mobile apps, too. One of the more popular mobile app smart home hubs is the Apple HomeKit. With HomeKit connected smart home devices, you’ll be able to control multiple devices using the Home app on Apple gadgets.

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5 Best Medical Alert Apps –

(9 days ago) Medical alert apps give you extra control and peace of mind whether there’s an emergency or everything’s fine. Most medical alerts connect to an app to provide older adults and their caregivers more features and control. It’s the easiest way for caregivers to check their loved one’s activity, track their location and get instant alerts […]

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Safe Learning Apps To Supplement the School Year

(1 days ago) Some apps may include messaging or user board features for games. Make sure these meet your expectations. The Bottom Line. As the school year progresses virtual learning is a new journey for both parents and children alike. Parents and teachers are now tasked with teaching new material online and ensuring internet safety. Remember to always

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6 Best Home Security Systems for Renters of 2020®

(8 days ago) Most home security providers have mobile apps that will allow you to view live streaming video (depending on your package/or monitoring plan). You’ll find that video doorbells feature HD video, night vision, two-way audio, and allow you to receive alerts. Home Security Tips for Renters .

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5 Best Business Security Systems®

(9 days ago) Most security mobile apps let you arm and disarm the system, review system history and receive mobile alerts. Mobile alerts If there’s a break-in, faulty sensor or your next client has arrived, you’ll need to know right away.

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14 Safety Tips for Uber and Lyft Riders

(5 days ago) Other apps and devices can add more layers of protection. For example, the iWitness app ($3 per month, free trial available) turns your phone into a mini security system, with a security camera, alarm and emergency 911 calling just a tap or shake away.

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10 Safety Tips for Online Dating

(2 days ago) Now, with mobile apps like Tinder,, and Hinge, online dating is transforming to help you find matches easier and faster than before. As a matter of fact, online dating has become so popular that, according to, 53% of singles have …

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How Do Doorbell Cameras Work

(2 days ago) Many doorbell camera apps come packed with functionality. For example, using the Nest Hello Video Doorbell app, you can arm and disarm a Nest alarm system and operate smart home devices such as smart lights, garage doors and thermostats. Most video doorbell apps enable you to see live streams from connected cameras and access video footage from

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15 Best Smart Home Devices of 2020®

(3 days ago) With a smart hub, you’ll achieve a true smart home without the need to control multiple mobile apps – unless you want to. But, before you buy into a smart hub, double check to make sure you don’t already have one. Some devices, like the Amazon Echo, serve as a smart hub and home gadget all in one to save you time and money.

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Best Security System Response Times

(6 days ago) Many home security system providers offer mobile apps and remote access with their service. This allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system from any location and immediately signal for help. Crash & Smash Protection . Also recognized as tamper protection, this feature can make a big difference. If your security system is tampered with, the

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The 10 Best Smart Home Thermostats of 2021®

(5 days ago) Home temperature monitoring is changing from our old, manual thermostats to the new, programmable smart thermostats. When searching for the best thermostat, you should consider its features, ease of installation and energy savings.

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How to Stay Safe on the Internet in 2021®

(5 days ago) Parents: Set rules for who your children communicate with online. Don’t allow kids to friend or message people that they don’t know in real life. Take a close look at the apps they’re using and the permissions they require. Apps that don’t have privacy controls or that unnecessarily share your location should be considered off-limits.

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How to Use Apple Watch for Medical Alerts

(5 days ago) According to Digital Trends, Apple introduced fall detection with its Series 4 watches, and the feature continues to remain available with the Series 5 watches.If the watch detects a fall, it will let you know by vibrating, playing an alarm, and displaying a message. From there, you can either contact emergency responders or cancel the alarm.

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The Evolution of Neighborhood Watch Programs

(5 days ago) The neighborhood watch is one of the oldest community safety programs in history. It dates back to the colonial era and has been adapted to the modern era with mobile apps — but neighborhood watches also have a troubling history of racism.

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Should You Give The Police Access To Your Security Camera

(8 days ago) Furthermore, social apps, groups and newsletters can be great tools in uniting and informing a community. Many people appreciate engaging or concerning neighborhood news such as suspicious activity, criminal suspects or animal sightings. Many people benefit from connections like these and feel safer in their homes as a result.

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The Most Underutilized Personal Safety Features on Your

(4 days ago) Keep your phone and apps updated. Install updates for your operating system and apps to make sure you have all the latest security apps and features. To see and install operating system updates, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update. To automate app updates, open the Google Play Store app. In the menu, tap Settings > Auto-update

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Two New Apps Using Advanced Technology for Personal Safety

(1 days ago) The Tego app and the Nimb Ring are both smart safety measures invented by female survivors of physical attacks by strangers. Not only do Tego and Nimb represent inspiring examples of transforming vulnerability into empowerment, they’re also standouts in the ever-increasing field of safety apps and wearables.

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How to Stop Unwanted Robocalls from Spamming Your Phone

(5 days ago) Here are a few of the best apps available to do just that. Truecaller - This self-appointed "world's best caller ID and spam blocking app" is free to download. It has 130 million active users and has blocked 10 billion spam calls to date.

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2 out of 3 People Never Read Mobile App Privacy Settings

(5 days ago) Right after downloading a new and exciting mobile app, the last thing most people want to do is read 15 pages of legalese. But the unfortunate reality is that mobile apps are getting more and more invasive while consumers aren’t paying close attention. In order to …

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Amazon Echo Safety: Tips to Protect Your Privacy

(2 days ago) According to CNET, more than 100 million people now own an Alexa-enabled device. With smart home devices becoming a mainstay on the market (and in our homes) it’s also important to consider our privacy and safety. We share 10 quick tips you can apply if you own an Amazon Echo to help keep your confidential information safe.

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The Guide to Teen Health and Safety

(Just Now) Apps that Can Help with Mental Health: Mindshift CBT. This app offers free evidence based mental health based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and it helps you take charge of your anxiety. It provides quick tips for shifting your thinking, breathing, and coping with issues as they arise.

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How to Stay Safe Online

(1 days ago) Parent: Keep in mind, that while online activities rise, so does cyberbullying, predator threats, and unsafe use of social media and gaming apps. Popular social media applications, like TikTok and Facebook, require more parental involvement at the peak of COVID-19. Obviously, we are now seeing an exponential increase in these social media apps.

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15 Best Baby Monitors of 2021

(7 days ago) Baby monitors are the safest way to keep an eye on your little one. Don’t forget to consider your baby’s needs and any special features you’ll need to feel confident that the monitor is best for both you and your baby. Browse Amazon’s best selling …

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Apple Announces New Ways its Watch Will Help Keep You Safe

(9 days ago) Medication reminders via the Dose app, which provides customizable reminders to help you take pills or supplements.; Discreet menstrual cycle tracking via the Cycle app.; Hearing protection via the Noise app, which detects ambient noise without recording, and issues alerts if the noise level reaches a potentially dangerous volume.; Compare movement levels over time with Activity Trends, …

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Best Medical Alert Watches of 2020®

(1 days ago) The best medical alert system watches pack state-of-the-art medical alert features into a sleek accessory that’s easy to wear. GPS capability, fitness tracking, and heart rate monitoring are just a few of the many features offered to protect your health.

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Ring vs. Blink

(5 days ago) Both Ring and Blink are easy to install with helpful guides, customer service and their mobile apps. But, Blink only offers DIY installation for you to install your cameras yourself. Ring offers both DIY installation and professional installation through Amazon and …

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The 11 Best Home Security Systems of 2021

(Just Now) Our experts have researched and identified the 11 best home security systems of 2021, with the top deals on monitoring, pricing, equipment and more. Read our reviews, compare home security systems and find the best alarm system for your home.

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How to Secure Your Child's New Device

(8 days ago) Prevent apps from accessing your child’s microphone and location; To set up parental controls on your child’s iPhone, go to Settings and tap Screen Time. From there, you can select the option titled “This is My Child’s iPhone.” You’ll be able to set up a passcode for the parental controls so that your child can’t change them.

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How to Safely Install a Home Automation System

(Just Now) Best Home Security System Mobile Apps. 4 min. Connected Home: Linking Your Smart Home Devices to Your Security Systems. 1 min. First Look At SimpliSafe’s Sleek New Smart Lock. 1 min. How to Keep Wireless Security Hack Proof. 3 min. #StaySafe. Secure what matters most.

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What Is A Security System And How Does It Work

(Just Now) Functionality varies by company, but apps typically serve the purpose of sending push notifications if your security system detects movement, unwanted entry or an emergency — like a fire or flooding from a broken pipe. In many cases, you can also use these smartphone apps to view your security cameras in real time.

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Crime Prevention Tips for Kids

(4 days ago) Help your child learn their full name, phone number (including area code), and address (including city and state). Teach children how to call 911 (and when it’s appropriate) and how to use cell phones and pay phones.; Teach your kids how to identify “safe” adults, like a police officer or security guard or teacher.

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7 Ways To Tell If There Are Hidden Cameras in Your Airbnb

(5 days ago) Smartphone apps that scan for Airbnb hidden cameras include: > Don’t Spy > Fing (Android and iOS) > Glint Finder > Detectify > Spy Hidden Camera Detector . 6. Use a handheld spy camera detector. Cameras are so tiny they can be hidden nearly anywhere. Some cameras use radio frequencies, others are wired and many are wireless.

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The Guide to Smart Lock Security

(2 days ago) In late 2019, a report from cybersecurity firm Bitdefender, detailed the vulnerability with the August Smart Lock.It seems that even though the communication between the device and the smartphone app was encrypted, the key is hardcoded to the app. This essentially allowed a hacker to intercept the owner’s wifi password.

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TunnelBear VPN Review

(1 days ago) TunnelBear VPN, despite its grizzly mascot, is a softer, more friendly option. This VPN is all about approachability, with easy-to-use apps, a budget-friendly price, and a basic feature list that forgoes the bells and whistles of competitors for something more streamlined and basic. It’s a great VPN for the average joe. The Bottom Line

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Xfinity Home Security Cameras of 2021®

(9 days ago) Intruder Awareness – Many security camera systems send instant alerts when triggered, which enables you to immediately inform the police of burglars or porch thieves.Using mobile apps, you can monitor your security cameras from inside your home or remote locations. Monitor Kids and Pets – Many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners or renters insurance for installing a home

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