Best Self Service Apps

The apps that help you to manage and control the functionality of your smart phone have high stakes among all other apps. All of the smart phones users use some of these apps to share or less their effort and energy. Here are some of those highly anticipated “Best Self Service Apps” discussed briefly, that are considered a must have.

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10 Best Apps for Kids 2015/16 install on your iPhone or iPad

(4 days ago) These apps are helping kids learn new skills and absorb information. There are dozens of apps for drawing and sharing digital pictures. kids can make music and record their voices. Developers have made thousands of apps for kids. These apps are available for a wide variety of operating systems like Android and iPhone.

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5 Android Apps To Control Windows/ Mac/ Linux

(1 days ago) So, this is the list of 5 android apps to control Windows, Linux and Mac. These apps will let you control your Mac, windows and Linux enable computer remotely. You will be able to control mouse, keyboard and much more. We hope you will like the …

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12 Best Fitness Apps 2015/16 Apple/ Android in UK/ USA

(9 days ago) How to Download App Store Apps for Free: 10 Steps (with

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Top 10 Chat Apps for Android 2015/16

(1 days ago) App #1. Chomp SMS. One of the most popular Android chat apps is Chomp SMS. Being the best chat app for Android, it offers a heap of options for customization together with numerous features. The app allows users to create a theme of their own or choose from a variety of themes available for free.

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Top 3 Best Free Anti Theft Apps For Android

(Just Now) Best Free Anti Theft Apps For Android 1. Anti Theft Droid. Accidentally, you have lost your android device or it is being stolen by some, using android anti theft droid application you can solve this issue easily. This application is free to use and the best feature in this application is that it has built in tracking system through which users

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Top 6 Android Application Development Companies

(5 days ago) Blue Whale Apps. Located in city Wellington of United States, it is Professional Mobile and Development Company. With very limited employees that are not more than 10, it basically focuses on Mobile Apps and developing 100% mobile apps. It also develops Android apps and it is 33% of its production. It has profile score of 9.5 and portfolio

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Top Paris Travel iPhone Apps – Best Paris France Travel

(3 days ago) Paris can be a confusing city to the first time traveler. Thankfully there are many excellent iPhone apps to help you make sense of this great city. Here’s out roundup of …

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Some Great Remote Control Tools for Android, PC and MAC

(2 days ago) I’m going to talk about some great apps that will help you use your android phone as a remote. Ads. YouTube Remote. If you are using your PC and you don’t feel like using your mouse or keyboard to control YouTube then this app can be really handy for you. With the help of this cool application from Google Inc. you can control the streaming

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5 VOIP Apps For iPhone To Make Calls All Over The World

(3 days ago) iOS another respectable smartphone operating system in the market of smartphones, This operating system by Apple is very famous and people like to have one of the Apple's product. As android operating system apple also

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Add Or Remove Programs From Windows 8 Startup

(3 days ago) Recently, Microsoft has launched its new windows product called Windows 8. One noticeable thing about this new version of windows is that, it is very much different from older versions. However, learning to work in

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Top 10 iPhone Games 2015

(2 days ago) The name of the iOS apps store is “iTunes”, from where you can find both free and premium apps for your phones. In this post we will present you a list of Top 10 iPhone Games 2015 for the iPhone users for pure entertainment and below is the list about that. Ads.

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Convert Your Android Phone Into A Networking Device

(2 days ago) SEE ALSO: 5 Best Music Apps For Android Tablets. Droid NAS App. SEE ALSO: CallApp – A Beautiful Android App That Tell You More About Your Contacts. Shortcomings. There is no doubt that Droid NAS is really a wonderful app and if you use it properly, you can get a lot of work done. However, this device uses Samba protocol and if you are a

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Get Happy – A Wonderful iOS App That Will Make Your Happy

(3 days ago) The biggest problem with productivity apps is that, they only have a limited database. After a couple of days, you keep seeing repeated information. However, this is the not case with “Get Happy” app. Every time you will open the app, you will find new and fresh information, tips and advice. You will never get bored.

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How to Remove Twitter Applications / Revoke

(9 days ago) Select “Apps” from setting menu. Step #4. You will find a list of all applications linked to your account. If you do not have any application then a message will appear that ‘No application have been approved to use your account’. Or Click the ‘Revoke Access’ button next to each application that you wish to remove. Repeat the same

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Twidere – An Amazingly Beautiful Twitter Client For Android OS

(8 days ago) The UI of this app is really amazing too. Unlike other apps that fill up your screen with useless information just to prove a baseless point, this app shows you only as much information as you need and can easily absorb in one look. The controls are fabulous too. Twidere for Twitter Androd

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Top Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad

(7 days ago) Top Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad. 0. SHARES. Share Tweet Pin. Ads. Last updated January 25th, 2015 at 02:10 pm

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Top 10 Free Android Games 2015

(8 days ago) Last updated August 6th, 2018 at 08:24 pm. Android is one of the most dynamic and amazing mobile operating system in the world. You can say Android is the top smartphone operating system, As it is top mobile operating system then there must be limit less apps in its app market.

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Top 5 Best Sites to Send Big Sizeed Files Free

(4 days ago) Its very easy to share your pictures, office files and small videos with anyone online but on the other hand its very difficult to send large sized files to anyone specially when you want to

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Flipboard- Magazine App

(Just Now) Android apps are significantly influencing every walk of life may it be personal or professional. And apparently people are loving it. This year Android has brought tons of apps which are going to brighten up your day. Besides, whats a Smartphone if not loaded with different, quirky and cool apps? Flipboard- Magazine App is out for all those

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Google Announces Android Studio At Google I/O 2013

(4 days ago) Developers get various test versions of apps and offers BETA testing for their apps. This service will let the developers roll out test versions of apps even before they get a public release. The Android Studio is the latest service which is expected to bloom. And Google announces it …

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Top 10 World's Highest Paid Supermodels 2017/18

(Just Now) Let’s take a look at our “top ten highest paid supermodels” in 2016 and find out which is your celebrity.. Top 10 World’s highest paid Supermodels Supermodel # 10: Candice Swanepoel. image source Do you know “candice swanepoel net worth” The 24 year South African beauty is on the last number in the list with yearly income of $3.1 million dollars and total net worth income is $5

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6 Best Android Tablet for Kids

(6 days ago) 6 Best Android Tablet for Kids. Tablet for Kids # 1 : Amazon Fire HD 6. This tablet is a durable and reliable device. Which comes in different colors ranging from magenta, white to citron.

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Google Drive vs. Dropbox

(1 days ago) Mobile apps is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. Google Drive vs. Dropbox

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Chevy MyLink Smartphone

(7 days ago) Smart phones are becoming a very major part of our daily routine. They do most of you work for us. They make our wake us up, make our calls, organize our day and do all

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How To Change Start Screen Background Photo In Windows 8

(4 days ago) 2: Open Decor8 and Use It. Open Decor8 from the installed apps, and see the all of the options first carefully so you can understand easily that what could be done through this Decor8 app. After opening the Decor8 application for windows 8 you will be presented set of background pictures of provided by the windows and will also be provided set

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Top 10 Best Tablets for Kids 2020 UK

(8 days ago) A good range of educational apps and games are available, while parents can easily teach writing, reading and math to their children using this tablet. Get it now on Amazon. 6. TAOERA 10 inch Android Tablet 2020 UK. It is an excellent Android tablet. This 10 inch tablet is …

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Going to buy a TV

(9 days ago) See Also : Top 10 Chat Apps for Android 2015/16 install on your Phone. 9. Samsung J6200. The positives of the smart TV are its minimum motion blur and great black uniformity. Viewers are expected to encounter no major flash lighting or clouding. The TV is good when it comes to handling reflection from the screen, but its brightness feature is

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Top 10 Google+ Tips and Tricks

(7 days ago) Facebook has been blocking browser extensions and apps that import your contacts to Google+. But wait, we can still get our Facebook contacts in G+. Use Gmail to import your contact, from Gmail settings, select Accounts and Import. Then contacts will automatically show up in Google+.

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(6 days ago) The main problem with most of the chatting apps is that, they start lagging and make your phone sluggish and slow. is using two different social accounts at the same time and using a lot of data which made me worried that it will become sluggish when I’m chatting with more than one people.

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Toshl: A Simple Way to Manage Your Finances

(Just Now) Toshl Finance Budget & Expense – Android Apps A Good Adviser. If you are using Toshl Free App, you will be able to add only one income source. However, if you have more than one sources of income and you want to manage them all then you need a …

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How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

(7 days ago) 3 – Review Third Party Apps Review Third Party Apps. I have stopped using any kind of third party apps on Facebook but still, I have to give to access to certain apps for my own needs. The best thing that you can is to not to play games and use bogus third party apps on Facebook.

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Neo Phonebook – An Interactive Phonebook app for iOS Users

(4 days ago) The most important thing in scanning apps is the accuracy of scanning. You will be scanning an entire business card by using this app and it will be storing the data automatically. Even a simple mistake can cause you a lot of trouble in future. That is the main reason why the functioning of this app has been made flawless.

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Gmail Desktop Notification: New Perk for Users Using Chrome!!

(6 days ago) Well, this is not really convenient. So, with the introduction of this new goodie by the Gmail group, it seems that everything can get all easier. Although many other emails and chat notification tools and apps are available, getting this in your own Gmail account is even better. This service works through HTML5 on the desktops of Google Chrome

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Install Greenify In Your Android Smartphone and Breathe

(Just Now) Being an android user, one of the biggest problem that you have to face is the battery issue. No matter how much you try, there is no way that you can save a lot of

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Gaudi Bruno for iPad – A Good iOS Learning App For Children

(5 days ago) in Design & Development, iOS, Smartphones, Technology. Gaudi Bruno for iPad – A Good iOS Learning App For Children

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Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2, What's The Difference

(6 days ago) Surface 2 have less possibilities because it will come with windows 8.1 RT what’s a mobile version of windows 8.1 and that mean you will be only able to use mobile apps. But on the other hand surface pro 2 is the only tablet replacement for PC as surface pro 2 will come with fully functional windows 8.1 and powerful Intel core i5 processor.

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HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

(5 days ago) OS and apps. It seems that HTC is very enthusiastic about the latest smartphone series they are bringing based on Windows and that is a good sign for this company. However, Windows is not like Android in which any phone maker can make different changes so you will get mostly what other phone makers will provide to their users in their Win 8 phones.

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5 Websites To Pick The Best New Year 2013 Facebook Cover

(1 days ago) This year which is at its end and the sun of new year is preparing itself to spread its shine on the whole world, On the 1st January of the 2013 whole world will see

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5 Best Gadgets for Fashion Designers

(7 days ago) 5 Best Gadgets for Fashion Designers. Gadget # 1 : Cintiq 12WX Pen Display. Ads. A must have for every designer. This is a drawing tablet which will help the user draw to his or her heart’s content. With this multi-touch drawing tablet, designing will be a whole new experience.

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Google Nexus 7 (16GB)

(7 days ago) Many apps will not work properly in tablets because of screen ratio issue. Over all, Nexus 7 is a great device that anyone would love to buy. Not only it has some great specs but the price is very low as well. What do you need more when you can buy Google Nexus 7 (16 GB) in just $199? Ads.

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7 Christmas themes for windows 7 to celebrate this christmas

(8 days ago) Previous article 5 VOIP Apps For iPhone To Make Calls All Over The World; Next article Top 5 Website for New Year 2016 SMS; You may also like. 0 Shares. Top 10 Best Fondue Sets 2021 UK – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. in Buying Guide, Home & Kitchen. 0 Shares.

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Top 10 Tablets of 2015 in the World right Now

(Just Now) See Also : Top 10 Chat Apps for Android 2015/16 install on your Phone. 7. Fire HD 10 2020 UK. The 11-inch tablet is dedicated for business use and contains all kinds of business-oriented features. It includes Intel Core M-5Y71 processor, which makes it efficient enough to be used for office purposes. The tablet has an excellent touch screen

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iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c which is better for you

(4 days ago) Special Features and apps. Again if we talk about the features and applications of both new apple products, iPhone 5s is leading in both application and features. iPhone 5 is brought up with some extra features such as compass, gyroscope etc as compared to other one. Winner:iPhone 5s

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Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing

(2 days ago) Email marketing vs Mobile marketing. First of all, I would like to congratulate you if your business is spreading in online world day by day. If your customers are getting back to with more queries through emails then you are really doing a wonderful job.

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