A Postpartum Depression Brochure Just Isn't Enough

My husband is actually learning how to build apps… Maybe we can think about this some more. Reply. Laurel on October 16, 2011 at 11:54 am . Don't lose that thought ladies. There is something emerging in my brain out of Going Blue that says we need to find a way to go back to grassroots communication like you are doing in an online sense. But

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6 Surprising Symptoms of PPD and Anxiety

(9 days ago) This isn’t a community of providers we have heard from and when we do research, we find apps, etc, but we hate to lead people to someone who isn’t going to understand postpartum mental health as they should do serve you well. When we don’t have the answers, we never stop looking. If we come up with someone who is known to work well with

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You Can't Make Everything Perfect: What Pregnant Moms

(4 days ago) These days there are so many books, blogs and apps showing you how to manage your pregnancy and birth down to the last detail. How to make the nursery look perfect. How to train your baby to sleep through the night at the first possible opportunity. How to write a birth plan so that the hospital can follow your every wish.

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Join the BFD Study with Iodine's Start App

(1 days ago) Additional integration with apps you already use? Leave your feedback in the App Store, on our Facebook page, or here on the blog. And Android users, we haven’t forgotten about you. Iodine is busy working on a version of Start for your phones that will launch in the next few months. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

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Exercise and Recovery in Postpartum Depression

(7 days ago) Trackbacks/Pingbacks. Beyond Medication: Other Treatments and Self-Care - […] #3 Exercise.I admit, I’m not personally good about this one. But I have so many friends who get a… Great Ideas for Enjoying the Outdoors With Your Baby in the Dry Season - Bellamy's Organic - […] and fresh air are also important for postpartum health, which naturally often takes a backseat to your baby’s

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What Do Postpartum Anxiety ‘Aftershocks’ Feel Like

(1 days ago) And then there are the times when marketers, having purchased your name from one of the many pregnancy apps, decide to send you formula in celebration of your soon-to-be-delivered baby. I guess their database didn’t inform them that there was no baby. I remember having to log into the pregnancy tracking site, and choose the setting that noted

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Postpartum Anxiety & Postpartum Depression Risk Factors

(7 days ago) I had several risk factors–the loss of my only grandfather right after I found out I was pregnant, the sudden loss of my father 2 months before DD was born, loss of one vehicle in our household/being housebound, early severe nausea & unable to stay active during 2nd & 3rd trimesters due to unknown heart condition, living away from family & friends/less social support–I knew my risk …

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6 Ways You Can Be an Empowered Patient During Pregnancy

(1 days ago) What mood tracking apps would anyone recommend? Reply. ADriane Nieves on November 6, 2014 at 11:09 pm . I love using iMood Journal. I’ve tried Bipolar Mood, T2 Mood Tracker, DBSA Wellness Tracker, and iCharting, as well as one that focused on DBT techniques. Reply. Submit a Comment Cancel reply.

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Warrior Mom Book Club: A Mother's Climb Out of Darkness

(2 days ago) My therapist also gave me a list of meditation apps. Sometimes I listen to that. I’ve gotten better about calming my mind myself but can’t always. Jennifer Moyer: Sleep deprivation is a huge trigger and indicator so I normally do not watch TV close to bedtime, I keep my room dark (no blue light/turn off cell phone), keep the temperature

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