10 best apps for pet owners

Note: Like with pet insurance, “pet apps” usually means “apps for a cat or dog.” There just aren’t a lot of options out there for, like, iguana owners. A few apps are relevant to a multitude of pets, but if you have an app that you like best for dealing with your naked mole rate or teacup pig, share it in the comments!

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7 apps every renter needs

(Just Now) RENTCafe and similar apps also let you do things like submit maintenance requests and reserve building amenities like shared spaces. Plus, property managers can post listings directly, so you don't have to worry about getting scammed. Find out if your building works through one of these services, and, if so, sign up to save yourself some headache.

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The 4 best apps to lower your monthly bills

(9 days ago) Several apps, actually. And it’s not just decreasing bills; some apps can cancel your recurring subscriptions altogether. Think you don’t need it? According to a 2016 survey, "62% of respondents have paid for unwanted subscriptions or memberships because they failed to cancel an auto-renewal feature."

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Which personal organization app is right for you

(1 days ago) Its integrations with third-party apps means you can use Evernote to power a huge array of apps, all of which will be backed up to a central service. RescueTime Mac, PC, Android, Linux Unique Features: Tracks your digital life so you know where, when, and why you’re wasting time.

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3 best apps to track your retirement investment accounts

(2 days ago) Updated, May 17, 2019: You use apps for everything: Ordering food, signing up for gym classes, banking, playing games, learning new languages, cooking dinner. You can hardly live without your phone. It’s a modern day Swiss army knife, and even after you move away from your parents and kick your kids out of the house, you figure you’ll have a phone by your side well into your golden years.

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The best email apps for taming your inbox

(1 days ago) It also has some features that even paid email apps don’t, like free tech support. I had an issue once, sent a message to the in-app support chat, and received a reply in less than 15 minutes. That’s great service for a paid app and amazing service for a free app.

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Which money management app is right for you

(Just Now) You Need A Budget. YNAB, as it is affectionately referred to, is a budgeting powerhouse and a philosophy. Probably the only spreadsheet program with an avid fan community. Available on desktop, mobile. $60.00 for a desktop license, comes with mobile apps.

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18 job search websites you should be using PolicyGenius

(7 days ago) Use these 18 job search websites and apps to narrow down your search to platforms that will actually help. Subscribe. Life. Find a policy. Life insurance guide Life insurance calculator Term life insurance Whole life insurance Term vs whole life insurance No-medical exam life insurance.

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5 money management apps worth downloading

(6 days ago) 5 money management apps worth downloading. By. Ally Greer. Published January 19, 2018 | 3 min read. A new year often means focusing on financial goals, whether simply improving your budget or saving for a big ticket item, like getting a new apartment or affording tickets (and travel) to a …

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The 12 best personal finance websites

(9 days ago) 7. Ellevest. Ellevest is a financial planning company that offers investing and career content specifically for working women. Ellevest covers topics on career growth, investing and building credit. Best for: Women investors. Check out the best (and worst) states for women to …

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9 best apps for traveling

(6 days ago) Don’t let Google Maps and other apps eat up your overseas data plan. Download offline maps and guides of cities worldwide with CityMaps2Go. All the usefulness of a paper guidebook with all the convenience of a smartphone app.Photo: enigmabadger

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Could rent bidding startups send rents skyrocketing

(8 days ago) Rent bidding apps are upping the stakes. Rent bidding apps ostensibly bring transparency to this process, and that ostensibly benefits you and the other members on the Lord of the Flies island.But there’s still little room for actual negotiation, and all it …

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The un-job: 6 ways to make a living using apps

(Just Now) The un-job: 6 ways to make a living using apps. By. Holly Johnson. Published January 3, 2018 | 4 min read. While traditional 9-to-5 jobs with a cubicle and annoying boss were the norm 40 years ago, new technology has ushered in a cutting-edge era of work. Thanks to the internet and an array of apps, more and more professionals are angling to

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Impact investing: 4 apps for the socially conscious consumer

(6 days ago) Grow: Grow Invest focuses on socially conscious investments that are centered around environmental, social and governance principles (ESG). If you’re investing through Grow’s app, there’s a .25% management fee. So if you’ve invested $5,000, that’s $12.50 a year or $1.04 a month.

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Want to teach your kid about stocks

(8 days ago) There are also apps out there for novice adult investors. Check out our comparison of three well-known ones — Acorns, Wealthfront and the aforementioned Robinhood — to find the best investment app for you. It's safe to say we're in a recession. Our ebook, "50 Money Moves to Make During a Recession," can help you weather the storm.

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The best apps for your new Apple Watch

(9 days ago) Some other apps to try out:• Trivia Crack for gaming that actually feels at home on the Watch. • Spark for a feature-rich alternative to the stripped down default Mail app. • GIF GIF GIF will likely be the least necessary app you'll ever have on your Watch, but if lets you select a single gif to play endlessly at a glance (and as a Glance).

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Talk It Out: Getting Advice from Apps You Can Chat With

(9 days ago) Chats and texting style interfaces are all the rage these days – the only question is whether you want to talk to a real person or a robot. Okay, so maybe "robot" is a bit of a stretch. You won’t be having a conversation with C3PO. But there are apps out there where you can talk to and get tips from an electronic buddy.

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Robinhood vs. Stash: Which app is best for first-time

(7 days ago) For two apps that are highly focused on courting #millennial customers, both apps have pretty big Achilles' heels. Robinhood is completely free to use, but offers no guidance or education. Stash will help you build a diversified portfolio, but does so at a relatively steep cost.

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3 news apps that are better than Facebook

(6 days ago) Last fall, we published an article about apps that you can chat with, featuring apps like Lark, which acts like an interactive, robotic personal trainer on your phone. When designing their new app, Quartz took a page out of their book. Ever wanted your own little news anchor in your pocket?

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4 things a killer app for donating to charity needs

(6 days ago) Apps like Betterment makes it easy to invest in hundreds of companies by putting your money into funds. It would be cool to be able to donate to “funds” of charities as well – a themed group of high-quality organizations doing similar work. Alternatively, the app could just use artificial intelligence to help you pick the charities you

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3 apps for hunting ghosts in your apartment

(8 days ago) Ghost Observer. I had to test Ghost Observer, made by a mysterious developer, at the office, since I had run all the ghosts out of my apartment. Ghost Observer is probably the most impressive ghost hunting app on the app store today. Ghost Observer doesn’t just give you a radar. Ghost Observer takes a live video feed and uses that to show you

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Robinhood review: The best way for beginners to trade stock

(9 days ago) Considering that other brokerages’ apps are frequently messy, overstuffed, and outdated, Robinhood didn’t have to clear a high bar when it came to designing their app. But not only did Robinhood clear the bar, it exceeded it by creating a genuinely pretty app that is a joy to use.

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Acorns review: Beware of spare change investment apps

(9 days ago) The best investment apps These days, prospective investors have more choices than ever before. Spare change apps like Acorns can help you get more comfortable with investing, but you can also consider doing business with a robo-advisor like Betterment or Wealthfront, which mix automation (no trading or stock picking) with access to financial

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What states let you use an app as proof of car insurance

(8 days ago) As of 2019, when D.C. and New Mexico became the last areas to accept electronic ID, you'll be fine as long as you download your car insurer's app on your phone. And as I mentioned earlier, basically every car insurer has a mobile app now, though you should check with your insurer to be sure. And hopefully New Mexico, Connecticut and Washington

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How To Create a Home Inventory Policygenius

(1 days ago) Home inventory apps Another helpful and easy way to organize and list your personal possessions for insurance or tax purposes is to download a home inventory app to your smartphone. Some home inventory apps are used for different purposes: some are to simply keep track of your stuff, while others are specifically intended to document your

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Wunderlist is dead – here are 3 replacement apps to consider

(1 days ago) Like other apps, tasks can also be triggered at a specific time or by visiting a specific locationDoo recently added new features that lend it bit more flexibility as well. Doo 2.0 adds task collaboration and checklists within tasks, which brings it up to speed with its competitors while still maintaining its simplicity.

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Spring cleaning: 5 apps for selling last season's clothes

(Just Now) Here are five of the best apps for selling your old clothes, along with the benefits (and pitfalls) of each. 1. Poshmark. Pros: You’ve probably seen a lot of your favorite YouTubers and Insta-celebrities on this app. That said, Poshmark is one of the largest fashion selling networks, meaning there are more potential customers.

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Does financial app Wally really help your wallet

(7 days ago) Wally is a financial app designed to help you take control of your personal finances. Track what you earn and what you spend, and Wally will turn that data into a series of colorful charts that help you see what’s going on with your financial situation. Wally gives the option to link bank and credit card accounts through encrypted connections

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When should you upgrade your smartphone

(4 days ago) )Vulnerabilities in apps and smartphone operating systems aren’t particularly rare. That’s why Apple and Google release monthly security updates: Having a vulnerable phone is bad for business in such intense competition, so both companies want to make sure they’re not leaving any customers open to attack (and themselves open to

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How To Scan Legal Documents With Your Phone

(8 days ago) A table is good, the floor works — but heads up that a white counter may not work ( scanning apps need contrast between the paper and the background). And remember: These are legal documents, so shadows, fingers, and cat paws (really) don’t belong in the scan.

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Is Bank of America's Keep the Change a good way to invest

(6 days ago) Apps like Acorns have made this standard, and there’s no doubt that some users would benefit from seeing, for example, where your biggest round-up savings are coming from. Drawbacks to Keep the Change. Since you’re dealing with a traditional bank, you need to be aware of some of the old banking standbys – namely, local branches and fees.

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Qapital review: Smart savings app for budget beginners

(1 days ago) There are a host of new apps and tech services like Acorns, Wealthfront and Betterment, aimed at helping you explore these options. Qapital, unlike some other apps which automatically invest in the markets, simply puts your savings in an account where they sit around. The verdict. Some people look at Qapital and they see an app that falls short.

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3 apps to help your parents share photos

(5 days ago) iCloud Photo Sharing is super simple: after you turn it on in settings (this Apple FAQ can help you find it on all of your parents' devices), a new tab named "Sharing" will show in the Photos app on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. From there, you can make a new shared photo album and choose the people you want to share it with.

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Stay in the know & save with these newspaper subscription

(3 days ago) Digital subscription: Provides unlimited access to WSJ.com, mobile apps and podcasts. $12 for 12 weeks OR $19.50/month for six- and 12-month subscriptions (marked down 50%). Print subscription: Digital subscription plus six-day home delivery. $12 for 12 weeks OR $21.50/month for six- and 12-month subscriptions (marked down 50%).

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Apps to help your financial resolutions stick

(6 days ago) 4 apps to help your 2018 financial resolutions stick. By. Holly Johnson. Published January 25, 2018 | 2 min read. If you’re struggling to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, join the club.

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How to Create a Renters Insurance Home Inventory

(6 days ago) Overall, the Allstate Digital Locker app is a solid home inventory app, especially if you’re an Allstate customer trying to consolidate their apps and logins. Sortly. Best for: Renters willing to pay for extra perks. Sortly allows you to organize your stuff by rooms and categories. You can upload up to 8 photos per item, perfect for adding

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Weekend Reads: Holiday binges, anxiety apps, and Alexa

(2 days ago) The jury's still out on the efficacy of the apps, and while they may not be a complete replacement for seeing a professional, they do seem to be able to make day-to-day living easier for people who need some therapeutic assistance. So delete that Angry Birds app you never play anymore and try out IntelliCare. It may make your subway ride - and

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Why Does a Life Insurer Need an Attending Physician

(Just Now) The APS helps the insurer decide how much risk the treated condition poses to your health. Such conditions include asthma, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, lupus, and dementia, among many other types of health issues. The APS must adhere to the same HIPAA rules as your health history. If an issue pops up during your paramedical exam, an APS will

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Tanda review: Is Yahoo Finance's savings app worth it

(8 days ago) What other apps or services should I look at? If you’re primarily looking at Tanda as an interesting way to save money, you might also be interested in just opening a high-yield savings account and setting up a regular transfer. There are also apps like Qapital, which make regular contributions to a savings account based on rules you set up

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You Need A Budget review: YNAB's best features finally

(6 days ago) While most mobile budgeting apps can help you be more aware of where your money is going, YNAB takes it a step further by deeply integrating their “Rules” into the design of the app. If you don’t follow the Rules, the app becomes unusable – this can create a bit of a learning curve for new users, but for many people, it’s exactly the

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What is Identity Theft Insurance and Do I Need It

(2 days ago) Hacking, either your email, phone, mobile apps, bank account, and more. False phone calls or emails, like a phishing email, or someone pretending to be a trusted source over the phone. For example, someone may call and coax sensitive information out of you by pretending to be the IRS.

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The Best No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Options in 2021

(5 days ago) The life insurance application process usually involves a medical exam. The exam takes 30-45 minutes and is similar to an annual physical: a technician or nurse will check standard vital signs and may take a blood or urine sample.

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The best ways to send money internationally

(8 days ago) Updated September 18, 2020: Sending money to friends, family or even a business is pretty easy, thanks to numerous apps and online services, including those that specialize in sending money internationally. Unfortunately, the associated costs and time it takes to get your money to its intended recipient can vary widely. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top services that

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Fall in love for less: 6 ways to save on dating apps

(3 days ago) Besides taking up hours of time, premium dating apps can burn a hole in your pocketbook. A $42-a-month subscription to Match.com or $60 monthly subscription to eHarmony can add up quickly. Such was the case for Morgan Quisenberry. The Los Angeles advertising professional estimates she spent more than $1,000 on premium dating sites in the six

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Should you let your toddler play with your iPad

(5 days ago) That being said, parents need to look for apps that are age-appropriate, says Kocurek. (She suggests Common Sense Media because it rates a lot of media for age-appropriateness and is a really good resource.) "Researchers are just now trying to understand how children learn from electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets," says Miller.

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