6 free or inexpensive apps and websites that make home

Many experienced homeschoolers are already using amazing educational apps as supplements to their learning plans, and you should, too. Most of the sites below are for grade school kids, and many of them use games that make learning devilishly fun. Here are six kid-approved online programs that are either free or available with cheap monthly

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10 Cheap (Or Free) iPhone Apps For Travelers

(6 days ago) Technology + Gear. Since we last recommended iPhone apps for travelers, countless more have been created. These latest travel apps range from quirky to ridiculously helpful. 1. Skype. All you need is a wifi hotspot to make Skype-to-Skype calls free from your iPhone. The rates for calls to mobiles and landlines (both national and international

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11 Free travel apps for Android users

(1 days ago) These apps add an interactive element to your travels. With Wikitude, users get up-to-date information on restaurants, hotels, attractions, and more, based on their location. Using GPS technology and your phone’s camera functionality, Wikitude pulls up information on places around you, based on your geo-location and where your camera is pointing.

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Best budgeting apps for travelers

(4 days ago) How to Download App Store Apps for Free: 10 Steps (with

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The best language-learning apps and websites to try

(4 days ago) The pro for the app is that learning is made fun thanks to the colorful and animated platform features. The major con of Duolingo is that there isn’t a grammar explanation when you make a mistake, so you might be left wondering why you failed an exercise, playing the guessing game the next time around without actually understanding how to correct yourself.

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How to: Design Smartphone Apps

(3 days ago) Designing smartphone apps is a great side project for those who have a experience with programming and a lot of creativity. Like a writing career, it takes the right combination of skill, practice, and some luck to turn it into real income.

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These travel apps actually save you money

(4 days ago) These travel apps actually save you money. Financial Savvy Technology + Gear Trip Planning. Photo: LDprod/Shutterstock. Trip planning is an arduous process. You won’t see the perks of a smooth, well-executed trip until after you’ve done the research, spent time reading reviews, and taken the hit on your wallet of actually booking the trip.

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10 Travel Apps You Won’t Find in the iTunes Travel Section

(1 days ago) Currently there are over 10,000 apps dedicated to travel in the iTunes store.Browse through the travel section and you’ll find an app for almost anything travel related; most of the major airlines have their own apps as do travel agencies like Kayak, and car rental outlets like Avis.All of them useful. But often the apps I find myself using for traveling are those you don’t find in the

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13 best hiking apps

(3 days ago) 13 best hiking apps. Travel. Photo: Trevor Leyenhorst. 1. Alltrails. Platforms: iOS, Android. Price: Free. Covering over 50,000 Canadian and US trails and with 3.5 million downloads, AllTrails is one of the most popular hiking apps available. The free version allows you to create your own trails with GPS tracking, photos and text, and save or

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How to use dating apps to your advantage while traveling

(5 days ago) 5. Just as at home: safety first. If local men and women are looking on dating apps for language exchange, it’s a safe bet they don’t limit themselves to finding foreigners online. I’ve heard from far too many foreign women in Japan who have had to avoid new “students” trying to follow them home after a private lesson in a café.

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10 awesome apps for iPhoneography

(7 days ago) Camera+. Time Magazine named Camera+ as one of the 50 best iPhone apps of 2011 so there must be something pretty good about it. My favorite thing about this application is its Scene Mode which allows you to adjust your photo's lighting based on the usual modes one would find on a modern digital camera, for example Backlit, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, Landscape, and Text.

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10 more awesome apps for iPhoneography

(2 days ago) Here are 10 more awesome photo apps to help bring out the creative iPhoneography genius inside of you. 1. CameraBag. CameraBag is a simple app that allows you to utilize 15 different camera settings to add to photos shot with CameraBag or already existing ones from your photo library. The Plastic simulation was used on this photo from Belvedere

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10 apps for creating DIY bestsellers

(Just Now) The iPad and iPhone apps sync with Bento 4 for Mac, with extra templates for things like managing gigs, medical records, and yarn (seriously) available to upload. The iPad app also comes with 25 templates that are customizable, and allows you to view PDFs stored in media fields.

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25 Free iPhone apps for travelers and bloggers

(Just Now) So many Twitter apps out there – I’ve tried quite a few, and this is the only one that’s stuck it out. Other than Mail and Maps, I probably use this more than any other app. If you’re a TweetDeck user, the set up is identical. Love it.

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Best dating apps for travel, how to hook up on flights

(7 days ago) Along those same lines, App in the Air — a travel app designed to help frequent fliers do things like estimate TSA wait times and get real-time fight updates — is also getting into the in-flight hookup game. The seven-year-old app is promoting a feature allowing fliers to see who else is on their flight, in their airport, or at their destination.

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The 7 best language learning apps to use abroad

(4 days ago) TripLingo (Free) TripLingo is the ultimate app for international travelers because they can learn essential phrases and translate phrases in an instant, as well as feel safe and savvy during their trip. Again this app is made for travelers. It includes an interactive phrasebook, culture notes, voice translator, and tip calculator.

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Useful iPhone Applications for Travelers

(6 days ago) Apple’s “smart phone” is a sky’s-the-limit concierge: small enough to travel without the extra baggage charge and large enough to store music for your listening pleasure at 7,000 feet.. Once you’re back on the ground, the device’s new applications ( or apps), unleashed by developers last Friday, make the iPhone an erudite expert in many destinations and cultures, ready to serve you

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Blapp app is a new way to support black-owned businesses

(4 days ago) more travelers are looking to better understand where their travel dollars are going, and apps are great resources to find minority-owned companies are on the rise. Enter the Blapp app, geared to travelers who want to discover Black-owned businesses when traveling, or in their own town.

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5 Video apps for iPhone users

(3 days ago) We’ve listed five of the best video apps for the iPhone and what they do. iMovie. The same application that has pleased Apple computer users around the world for years now has a mini-version for the iPhone. Similar to the premise behind the Photoshop app for photos, iMovie for the iPhone makes it easy to edit videos you’ve shot on your

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iPhone Apps for Freelance Writers

(7 days ago) iPhone Apps for Blogging. Those who blog regularly know that short and sweet posts are essential; hardly anyone writes an long essay every day for their blog. And usually the best ideas for those quick posts come while your out. These apps for bloggers help you get a post up while you’re out, including pictures. WordPress

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Look out of people’s windows around the world with this

(7 days ago) The app, called Window Swap, allows you to virtually explore new destinations by looking out of people’s windows around the globe. You can tune in to Bavaria’s sprawling meadows, watch Mexico City’s busy streets, and have a top-floor view of Vilnius’ shiny towers. Although the app is relatively new, there are now more than 60 videos

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How food delivery hurts people and the environment

(Just Now) Ubiquitous food delivery has made us lazier, more antisocial, and poorer, so perhaps it’s time to delete our delivery apps and get back into the real world — especially when traveling to a new city. Experience food the way it was meant to be experienced by cooking or going out to a restaurant, and save money while you save the earth.

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Technology Bytes: Develop iPhone and Android Apps Online

(9 days ago) YAPPER (Your APP Maker) This program is WYSIWYG technology aimed at helping bloggers, newspapers, pod casters, and others make apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android in just four steps. According to Appletell, that means YAPPER is limited to RSS feed apps. Features include: Build the app in 4 easy steps using a WYSIWYG tool

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Inflighto is a new in-flight app that tells you what you

(7 days ago) One of the few joys of sitting in a hard, cramped chair at 40,000 feet is peeking out the window and taking in the vast horizon below you. But how do you know what you are looking at? A new free travel app called Inflighto takes the map technology that has been glued into your neighbor’s headrest for the last few decades to a whole new level.

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13 future car technologies for your road trip in 2020

(5 days ago) 7. Digital goods. Also known as apps. A shift from hardware to software in car systems will mean that by 2020, you won’t need to bring your car in for an actual installation every time you need an upgrade. Just like with your smartphone, it’ll be as simple as visiting the app store.

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30 FREE online resources for teaching and learning ESL

(9 days ago) 19. – My favorite tool here is the simple “worksheet generator” for ESL teachers who need to prep an exercise in a hurry. The site is also one of the biggest resources for lesson plans, ready-made worksheets, reading exercises and games.

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50 nonprofits making a world of difference

(7 days ago) The Dhaka Project – educating adults and children in low-income families in Bangladesh, their goal is to help them overcome poverty and become self-sufficient, while giving the children opportunities for the future.. ExploreCorps – currently, most of their youth-based empowerment projects are based in the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Surf Club was created in 2008 to “connect the Gaza surfers to

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10 tips to shoot better photos on your phone

(1 days ago) Other apps allow you to, among other things, frame, sharpen, replicate old camera looks, and even add lens glares. There are so many apps out there to mess around with on your phone — download some and have fun. My suggestions on where to …

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Technology Bytes: Outrageously Expensive iPhone Apps

(5 days ago) Check out these pricey apps the guys at Daily Nuance rounded up. According to their iTunes page, Lexi-Complete “provides detailed information on drugs, drug interactions, diagnosis, disease management, patient education, and more.” Lexi-Complete is highly rated and seems popular among pharmacists and others in the medical profession.

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What sustainable travel will look like in 2022, tips from

(3 days ago) The best apps for booking local tours and experiences. Photo: AnnaTamila/Shutterstock. Now that flight and hotel are taken care of, it’s time to map out a greener itinerary. “When it comes to planning sustainable travel, so much of it comes down to asking “where will my money go?” says Louise. “If you see that your tourism dollars

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Everywhere to camp for free in your van in the US

(5 days ago) Apps to help you score free van camping this summer. Photo: cejofoto/Shutterstock. Van-dwelling technology has exploded with the activity’s popularity. These apps will help you secure free, scenic, convenient parking, as well as help you track down essential amenities while on the road like a well-deserved warm shower.

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Boston Essential: iPhone Exploration Guide

(5 days ago) With that in mind, I can appreciate why Boston Essential was in the top 10 of all paid travel apps in the App Store. The app opens to an alphabetized list of museums, restaurants, cafes, neighborhoods, and other places of interest in Boston, each with a photo.Along the top, you can select filters to shorten the list, and you can change them from alphabetized to listed by cost, distance from

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13 essential first experiences in nature

(7 days ago) Understanding the botany of a place is foundational not just in giving you more familiarity with the terrain, but in how it teaches you to observe things more closely. Forget apps. Invest in a high-quality tree and plant guide such as the ones published by the Audubon Society. You can store leaf samples between the pages. Bring a magnifying glass.

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10 essential tips for learning Japanese

(6 days ago) The best language-learning apps and websites to try Mar 25, 2020 Dayana Aleksandrova. Culture The most popular last name in every country in the world, and what they mean Jan 3, 2020 Matthew Meltzer. Culture Don’t let the end of lockdown be …

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7 tips for learning a foreign language on the road

(2 days ago) The best language-learning apps and websites to try Mar 25, 2020 Dayana Aleksandrova. Culture The most popular last name in every country in the world, and what they mean Jan 3, 2020 Matthew Meltzer. Culture Don’t let the end of lockdown be …

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What gear do I need to start: iVideography

(5 days ago) Apps for effects. If you want to spice up your movies a bit with some effects, Movie Looks ($1.99) is a cool app that supplies you with 40 different cinematic treatments to add to your videos. Get all “Hollywood” with looks like Crime Scene, Action, War, Night Vision, or Cinematic.

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How to use the internet in China

(3 days ago) Walk off the plane in Beijing and tap the Facebook app on your phone and you’re in for a frustrating surprise. Google, Facebook, and many other social media and search engines are blocked in China by what’s known as the Great Firewall — essentially, the Chinese government’s mega-censorship of the internet to prevent the population from accessing information or opinions that aren’t

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iPhone app figures out what song is stuck in your head

(8 days ago) SoundHound helps you skip the insanity. There are a few different ways to figure out what song’s nagging you. If you’re sure of the artist or the title, you can search that way. If you’re positive you know one or two lines from the tune, select “lyric” and type them in. And if you’ve got none of those things going, but you can hum a

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Is the Thai language difficult, how to learn Thai

(7 days ago) Some additional websites, podcasts, apps, youtube channels, and books to learn Thai with ease include: Mod; Mod has over 100 videos that teach practical tips to tourists, including how to give directions to a taxi driver and vocab for Thai massage. Of course, you can always scream “OUCH” during your treatment and be understood, but to say

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I haven't had a phone in years, and I'm missing so much.

(Just Now) And it turns out, for the first time in forever, by not having a phone, I’m cool. The backlash against constant connectivity is real, with many questioning whether our smartphones wield too much power over us. Our phones — through ads and algorithms and apps designed by millionaire software engineers — are designed to be addictive.

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Technology Bytes: Are iPhone Apps Raising the Bar for

(7 days ago) Smartphone apps are changing the game. Developers are coming up with brilliant, useful, affordable programs that could potentially challenge almost any business to rethink its products and pricing. Now that BarBri is scrambling to change its ways, I’m just wondering who’s next.

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iPhone travel snapper apps part 2: image editing

(1 days ago) In the second installment of our iPhone Travel Snapper Apps series, Contributing Editor and Photographer Paul Sullivan takes a look at image editing apps

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