15 Best Apps to Keep Busy in 2020 MashTips

These apps are meant to entertain you, learn new things, meditate and pay attention to your fitness while all the gyms are shut, so go through this list and do use them for sure. Netflix If you are looking for the best entertainment app, Netflix is by far …

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15 Best Learning Apps for Kids to Play and Learn in 2020

(9 days ago) Learning apps make learning more fun and engaging for preschoolers and toddlers. They cannot get enough of doing the activities instructed by the educational apps. Your kids grasp more knowledge and understanding of things. There are a lot of free learning apps available, as well. Here we have listed some of the best learning apps

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6 Best Neighborhood Apps to Build Your Community MashTips

(4 days ago) These apps have a bunch of features such as updates on community events, garage sale, house-warming parties, and so on. No doubt these neighborhood apps are an ice breaker. Plus, these apps are great at keeping the safety of people …

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How to Add Apps to CarPlay (Remove & Re-Arrange) MashTips

(1 days ago) Scroll down to MORE APPS. Tap on Green “+” icons to add the apps on the CarPlay screen. There are some iOS core apps that you can’t add or remove from the include list. You can remove the rest of the apps from the CarPlay screen. Remove Apps from CarPlay Screen. You can manage apps on CarPlay and remove unwanted apps

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10 Best Android Apps for Amazfit Watches MashTips

(1 days ago) Amazfit is the official app from Huami that supports both iPhone and Android. The app is a powerhouse with a plethora of features built-in. The app keeps track of every activity you make including walking, running, cycling, sleeping, etc. …

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7 Best Math Problem Solver App for Android and iPhone

(1 days ago) This math problem solver apps or camera calculator apps that bring a solution once you scan the math problem with Android or iPhone camera. This math equation solvers are smart to present a step by step solution instead of providing a …

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10 Best Apps to Translate Any Language to your Own MashTips

(9 days ago) These smartphone apps are powerful to give an immediate translation to a different language on demand. You can input the line or word to translate by speaking, typing or as a picture input using your smartphone camera. Translating a picture of …

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How to Prevent Apps from Spying on iPhone MashTips

(8 days ago) Apps can collect information based on your internet activities. Therefore, ads will be targeting your interest and browsing history. Advertisements you see within other apps are also based on your iPhone activity. If you want to avoid such personalized ads on iPhone apps,

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10 Best Free PC Cleaner Software for Windows to Use in

(3 days ago) There’s a free and a pro version for CCleaner. The Pro version will unlock features like instant updates to all apps. Plus, it will unlock complete scanning, detect internet trackers, and remove it. The free version is pretty much enough if you want to …

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15 Best Periscope Alternatives for iPhone and Android

(Just Now) Talking about live-streaming apps, the name of Twitter-owned Periscope is the first app to be talked about. Due to its simplicity, it is a favorite of many individuals. But are there any apps that far better than Periscope? Here is the list of Periscope Alternative Apps

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How to Convert Web Apps to Desktop Apps MashTips

(1 days ago) Web Apps can be used on any device as long as it has a capable web browser. However, using apps inside a browser does not feel very convenient, perhaps because we’re used to desktop apps. Maybe a newer generation of users growing up …

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10 Best Reddit Apps for Android Users in 2021 MashTips

(Just Now) Infinity for Reddit makes it to the list of best Reddit apps for Android as it is the right blend of performance and features. All the basic Reddit features are taken care of with the additional Lazy Mode option that lets you auto-scroll for posts you …

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12 Best Free Live TV Apps for Android MashTips

(2 days ago) You can get a seamless TV watching experience right on your Android phone with live TV apps. Watch whatever you want whenever you want on your preferred devices. You may find many premium apps, but there are free live tv apps you can use to watch live TV on your phone. Here is a list of the best free live TV apps

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How to Close All Apps on iPhone from Running in the

(3 days ago) If you want to close all open apps on iPhone SE 2, 8, or older, you need to open the recent apps window first. If your iPhone has a home button, double click the home button to see all recently opened apps in the background. After opening, you can swipe up and close apps on your iPhone SE 2, SE, 8, 7, 6s, or 6 models.

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10 Best Apps to Limit Screen Time on Android MashTips

(6 days ago) These are apps that show activity and history as well as limit screen time on Android smartphones. Here is a list of best free apps to limit screen time on Android smartphones, to reduce your smartphone addiction. Freedom. We all have that app(s) or website(s) that sucks the time causing serious issues meeting the deadline. If you are someone

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A Complete Guide to Using Microsoft Launcher on Android

(8 days ago) Hidden apps: You can hide apps from your app drawer and can access them from this section easily. Dock. Microsoft Launcher has a main home screen dock section to house important icons such as contacts, messages, etc. You can make customizations into using the Dock section settings.

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10 Best Investment Apps for Beginners and Pros MashTips

(2 days ago) The best investment apps make life so simple for new investors as well as experienced traders. Even students can benefit from the best investment apps for beginners and grow their savings. The best investing apps will give you insights and tips on high performing stocks to trade.

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50 Best iOS 14 Features You Can Try Out on Your iPhone

(4 days ago) Some apps like Weather only need your area and not the exact location. Take a look at how to stop sharing your accurate location with apps. Camera & Photos. A lot of new additions to the iOS Camera apps. YOu can have Mirror Selfies, more filer options for photos, zoom photos grid, etc. Please find the full list of iOS14 camera enhancements here;

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12 Best Educational Apps for Students from Google. MashTips

(Just Now) Google Educational Apps for Students. The growth of technology has changed almost every part of the world including students. Due to these innovative ideas, many student apps are emerged to help the needy ones. With the help of these educational apps, most hard-working students get the necessary guidance in prioritizing and focusing on the studies.

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12 Best ePub Reader Apps for Android, Windows and iPad

(3 days ago) It has apps for all major desktop and mobile operating systems, including Windows 10. Kindle is a treasure house of a huge number of ePub books. If simplicity and convenience are what you value Kindle is probably the best ePub reader for Windows 10.

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10 Best Live TV Apps for Firestick / Fire TV You Should

(8 days ago) Best Live TV Apps for Firestick. Since most of the free live TV apps for Firestick given below are not listed on the official Amazon app store, you need to sideload the app using their APK files. If you are new to installing an APK file on Fire TV, you can check out our article to Sideload Apps

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6 Best Voting Apps for Android and iPhone to Make a

(3 days ago) Voting apps are good for collecting feedback and opinions of individuals on any matter. It is easy to raise hands when in the office but what if you are working remotely which is the norm these days? Voting apps for Android and iPhone phones can help make a decision and collect feedback irrespective of where you are.

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6 Must Have Apps for Android from Microsoft. MashTips

(3 days ago) Microsoft Office apps are always the first ones to make the cut but we decided to talk about the latest best Android apps from Microsoft which are quickly gaining a lot of attention. SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker, Reminders & Backup. Well, isn’t this interesting. An SMS organizer app from Microsoft for Android.

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12 Best iOS Apps for Architects to use on iPad and iPhone

(Just Now) The apps for architects are easy to use, can save tons of hours in the design phase. There are plenty of features are offering by iOS architect apps including multicolor drawing, easy material selection etc. 3D views, free project estimation, tax estimation are the additional bonus features of architect apps on iPad.

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10 Best Rideshare Apps for Easy Commutes on Android to Use

(3 days ago) Rideshare apps help you reduce your traveling cost. Also, if you are concerned about the carbon footprint when you drive a car alone to work, carpooling is one of the most sustainable ways to keep your city clean. All the rideshare apps for Android mentioned above are available in most of the U.S. and many other countries.

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iPad Storage Full: How to Free up Space on iPad Storage

(1 days ago) Offload Apps. If losing your data by deleting the apps sounds like taking a harsh step, you can offload the apps. Offloading an app simply removes the app from your iPad but keeps the associated data. In case you decide to re-install the app, the data will still be available and you can continue using the app as if you never deleted it.

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7 Best AR Apps for iPhone and iPad MashTips

(6 days ago) Best AR Apps for iPhone and iPad. Currently, all the buzz is regarding Augmented Reality app games and app developers. Augmented Reality is similar to Virtual Reality, but it takes the world around you and adds diverse virtual items to the mix. AR apps for iOS are becoming quite popular among the people as it gives an immersive experience.

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7 Best Mobile Hotspot Apps for Android MashTips

(4 days ago) The WiFi hotspot apps are lifesavers when you stuck without the internet. With the hotspot app on your Android phone, you can share the data with your other devices such as laptops. Sometimes, your devices may not have 3G or do not have the option to use the internet unless it is connected to Wi-Fi.

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12 Best Amazon Fire Game Apps for Kids to Entertain Them

(3 days ago) Game Apps for Amazon Fire. If you own an Amazon Fire tablet and your kids are favorite of games, then you could go further and find some here. So, these are for those parents looking out for apps that will entertain and give productive results for their kids. These best Amazon Fire game apps for kids that are quite popular among other devices too.

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How to Check Battery Health On Android MashTips

(Just Now) There are many apps on the Play Store that can provide you the desired information. But most of them are either ridden with ads or seem shady. AccuBattery is one of the most highly-rated apps for gaining additional battery information. If you have a rooted Android device, you may find a better app that provides even more info.

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12 Best Health Monitoring Devices for Android MashTips

(5 days ago) The glucometer is a device that measures blood sugar levels according to the medical standards. The smart Glucometers are coming with Bluetooth or Wireless connectivity. This helps you to sync with the Android apps. The benefit is that you can get your blood sugar data on your smartphone. iHealth Wireless Smart Glucometer

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The 20 Best Apps for iPhone Users in 2020

(5 days ago) Every day, we get new apps but then some apps are truly indispensable. These are the most downloaded and the most popular apps available on the App Store for your iPhone and iPad that you must have. Here are the top 20 best apps for iPhone users in 2020 that you must download thanks to their prowess over their rivals. Zoom Cloud Meetings

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10 Best Reading Apps for Kids in 2020 MashTips

(8 days ago) Here are the best reading apps for kids to help them learn letters, sounds, form words, and so on. Read Along (Bolo) by Google. If you as a parent are looking for an app that will improve the reading skills of your toddlers and babies, check out Read Along by Google. Also known as Bolo in India, Read-Along is a friendly reading app available

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7 Best Golf Apps for Android Players MashTips

(4 days ago) Golf apps are designed to keep track of scores, guides and instructions for new players, GPS with maps of terrains, ability to get a sense of measurements like distance, elevation, and position of obstacles, and even more.

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12 Best Email Client for Mac Alternative to Mail App

(4 days ago) Unibox is one of the best email apps for Mac, but expensive compared to other apps. The Mac email program organizes the mails by the originating thread. The first thing that the tool states is neatness. Therefore, it does not have a crowded mailbox. The mails are sorted based on weekdays and the sender along with their profile photos.

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How To Sideload Apps On Fire TV Stick Using Apps2Fire

(9 days ago) When it comes to installing apps on your Fire TV using Android, there are only a few apps listed on the Google Play Store. If you are looking for an alternative for Apps2Fire, then you can try Easy Fire Tools (PlayStore Link). This is a free app that can be used to sideload apps on your Fire TV stick from your Android device.

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7 Best Note Taking Apps for Android Phone and Tablet

(6 days ago) Among all the Android note apps available, Notepad is an Android note taking app that is not known to many people. You can easily select the intensity of the brush and color transparency to give the perfect as well as different look to the notes. Notepad app also comes with plotting boards to perform sketching and do graffiti.

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8 Best Indoor Navigation Apps for Android to use in

(2 days ago) In this article, we discuss top five Android apps available today to create and use indoor maps easily, with quick tutorials. Path Guide The Path Guide is a plug-and-play indoor map and navigation app from Microsoft for Android users. the app is available across Android and Windows devices yet, it works perfectly on Android smartphones with GS

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8 Best Caller ID Apps for Android to Identify Incoming

(3 days ago) The caller ID apps are identifying the incoming numbers almost in real-time, warn you about the incoming call if it is a spam or a Robocall and handle the call for you. These phone number identification apps are going to be a time-saver for Androidrid users and selected a list of best caller ID apps for Android to help you in this regard.

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7 Best Hotspot Apps for Windows 10 MashTips

(9 days ago) When you are looking for a Hotspot WiFi connection for your Android or iPhone, please take advantage of Windows 10 hotspot feature. Yes, your Windows 10 PC can act as a hotspot for your phone and other devices. The Windows HotSpot apps are dedicated apps designed for hotspots that can offer plenty of features in addition to a stable connection.

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Here's Everything You Can Do with Smart Stack Widget on

(7 days ago) Long-press and drag the widget from the home screen you want to add.; Drag and drop the widget to the smart stack widget on the screen.; You can add up to 10 widgets to a smart stack as of now. It allows you to add individual widgets, and you cannot merge two smart stacks into one. Certain widgets like Siri App Suggestions cannot be added to a Smart Stack.

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How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac MashTips

(5 days ago) Some apps support direct in-app file sharing through iTunes. Therefore, by using a USB to Lightning cable, you can easily transfer files between iPhone and Mac using iTunes. Although, iTunes does not allow you to access the entire Files app directories. You can simply fetch the files from the iTunes supported apps using your Mac from the iPhone

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8 Best iPhone WiFi Tools and Network Analyzer Apps MashTips

(1 days ago) These apps can update the available WiFi and mobile network, in addition to the network quality and ping speed test. Here are a couple of WiFi Analyzer apps for your iPhone and iPad: Network Analyzer. It is an excellent WiFi analyzer helping the person to evaluate the closed, firewalled and open ports. Network Analyzer allows you to test the

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20 Best Compatible Apps for Android Auto MashTips

(4 days ago) Other apps such as Kik which is another alternative for internet messaging, as well as Textra which you can use to get rid of the standard android messenger, are compatible with Android Auto. Video conferencing app Cisco Webex Meetings is also available, but you cannot do a video chat with anyone, it will show you notifications and allow you to

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How to View and Remove Authorized Apps From Google Account

(4 days ago) Apps can edit, create or upload new content to your Google account. Apps with full account access can change pretty much anything on your Google account including password. Some apps ask for access to sensitive information like emails, files saved in Drive, contact details, photos, calendar entries, and even more. Types of Account Access

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How to Disable Camera and Mic Access to iPhone Apps MashTips

(9 days ago) Apps on your iPhone can have various permissions, including the access to open camera and microphone to capture pictures and record sounds. Even though it is necessary for several apps, having such permissions for unwanted apps is risky. iPhone users never want to use their devices with any such security flaws.

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10 Best Altimeter Apps for Android to Measure Altitude

(9 days ago) The Altimeter Pro is one of the few apps that give true altitude above sea level. It is a handy tool that allows you to get altitude values with ease. It works with the GPS and device location to get the altitude values. With the app, you can get your altitude and location in some of the remote locations of the world.

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7 Best AirPods Apps for Android Phone MashTips

(2 days ago) Apps with simple use cases such as this one don’t benefit from continued development anyway. Except maybe to fix bugs. As the app is entirely focused on the notification drawer, it’s as simple as it gets. Droidpods doesn’t have a free version and costs around $2.5 for purchase.

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