The Top Five Apps For Staying Positive and Productive

These apps are great for both keeping a positive mentality (indispensable for any entrepreneur) and making sure you are focused and on-task. With that, here are some great apps to download that can help you bring some happiness and focus to your day.

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The Most Popular Smartphone Apps Are All Useful In One

(8 days ago) SensorTower, a company that tracks data about mobile applications, has released its quarterly listing of the world's most downloaded non-gaming apps. When you take a look at the list, particularly if you run a business, you'll discover something amazing. You're probably using most of these apps.

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7 Creepy Apps That Will Make You Paranoid About Your

(2 days ago) But while many of these kinds of apps allow users to pick and choose what information about them is shared, others don't. Take, for example, the app Girls Around Me, which recently received a lot of flack for beingwell, creepy.This controversial app surreptitiously pulled public information and images from the web through services like Foursquare and Facebook in order to show users which

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18 Apps Every Creative And Artist Type Should Download

(9 days ago) Behold, 18 apps every creative and artist type should download now: 1. Artsy: The Pandora of Classic and Contemporary Art. This app is for exploration. Pegged as “ the art world in your pocket ,” it allows you access to images, collections and playlist-esque groupings of art. Similar to music sharing programs, you can search by artist or

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These Apps Help You Realize How Much Time You Waste On

(1 days ago) As several new apps on the market will tell you, the number is probably much higher than what you guessed. Moment tracks how many minutes you spend on your phone each day, along with how many times you unlock it. You can set your own limit on phone usage, and the $4.99 iPhone app will send you a notification when you’ve reached the threshold.

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The 7 Must-Have Apps For Middle-Aged People HuffPost

(1 days ago) Fitness apps often have wearable devices that they connect to -- a watch, a blood pressure monitor, a digital scale. While many of the apps are free, the devices are not. There is a plethora of apps out there, and remember: Don't be like this guy.

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The Seemingly Harmless New App You Downloaded Could Be

(7 days ago) Apps with hidden malware are becoming increasingly common, according to Jason Glassberg, an “ethical hacker” and co-founder of Casaba Security. These apps infect legitimate app stores, as well as con people into downloading them from third parties via smishing schemes.

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6 Money Apps Teens Can Use To Manage Their Spending

(Just Now) 4. BusyKid. BusyKid. This app says that it’s a good fit for kids ages 5 to 16, though it’s hard to imagine too many teenagers being too excited about using an app with “kid” in the name. In any case, it may be worth looking into. The app is designed to teach your children how to …

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It Just Got Easier For Straight 'Bros' To Meet Dudes For

(8 days ago) With many apps focused on sexual binaries and anonymous hookups, I want BRO to stand out as being a high quality app that helps men -- no matter how they may identify sexually -- make meaningful connections that last more than just one night. We are also one of the first apps that caters specifically to men that actually encourages non-anonymity.

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The 10 Best Apps To Train Your Brain HuffPost Life

(6 days ago) She adds, “Apps can also be gateway treatments that empower the individual to make positive changes, which can then lead to seek out other health promotion tools.” And while technology can help sharpen the brain and calm the nerves, true mental health is much more holistic.

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Pornography App For The Kindle: Fastest Downloading App

(2 days ago) Pornography App For The Kindle: Fastest Downloading App For Amazon’s eReader. James Ledbetter Slate Magazine. But as you scroll down the list of Kindle offerings, you can’t help but notice all of the steamy writing that seems to be targeted at men—an emotionally uncommitted genre which, if not exactly new, is associated with book

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7 Workplace Chat Apps to Keep Your Team in Sync HuffPost

(5 days ago) The apps also provides a simple messaging feature as well à la the usual Facebook. Slack. Slack claims to be changing the way teams communicate, and looking at testimonials, it appears to do just that. The desktop and mobile allows teams to chat in channels with conversations divided by subjects, and you can chat and share photos, videos and

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The 7 Best Coupon Apps Right Now HuffPost

(Just Now) Ibotta. Ibotta is essentially an instant rebate machine, and one of the most popular coupon apps around, thanks to its, “many offers, many retailers” in a variety of categories, says Nelson. Simply choose a few products from Ibotta’s list (updated weekly), and then complete …

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Top 10 Gay Apps Ranked by Customer Satisfaction Ratings

(6 days ago) The first Top 10 List Of Gay Apps Ranked By Customer Satisfaction Reviews. Take a look: App Weighted Average Ratings # of Reviews. #1 Jack’d 4.1 127,856. #2 Hornet 4.1 96,585. #3 Scruff 4.1 68,458. #4 Growlr 4.1 32,112. #5 Tinder 4.0 1,522,854. #6 Mr X 3.8 4,218.

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10 Best Apps for Timid First-Time Investors HuffPost Life

(6 days ago) If you want to start investing in the stock market, fire up your smartphone and download these six apps. 1. Acorns. The Acorns app is a great choice for first-time investors. The app allows users to "invest the change" by linking their credit or debit cards to the app, which rounds up regular purchases and invests the difference into a

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10 Best Gadgets to Prevent Rape HuffPost

(9 days ago) Some entrepreneurs and startups are getting a boost from crowdfunding and other means to develop inventive products and apps that give women an edge when it comes to personal safety. These range from devices disguised as jewelry to nail polish. Creative, effective, and discreet, these innovations can make all the difference to prevent sexual

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Social Sharing Apps That Will Change Your Life HuffPost

(6 days ago) Brand new startup BeepMe is a ride-sharing app just rolling out, and it looks like a winner. It’s car-pooling on steroids. Passengers can find rides to work or school every day, or take a road trip across the country. People with cars search for riders, people who need a ride find a ride. The cost: $0.

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5 Sleep Apps To Help You Get More And Better Rest

(6 days ago) The pzizz app ( $5.99 for iOS, $9.99 for Android) mixes quotes, music, sound effects and binaural tones into a new playlist every time you press "start." Set it for anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes and you'll never get bored. Another white noise app, Sleep Pillow (available for iOS, free or full version for $1.99) boasts 70 high-quality recorded

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18 Guys You’ll Inevitably Meet On Dating Apps HuffPost Life

(6 days ago) On Twitter, a Reply Guy is someone who responds to tweets in an annoying or overly familiar way, completely unsolicited (nine times out of 10, he’s responding to tweets from women). On dating apps, a Reply Guy relentlessly badgers you once …

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Daddyhunt Launches First App For Daddys, Daddy Lovers

(Just Now) Daddyhunt offers geolocation, profiles and chat -- like other dating and hook up apps -- but also features "a photo feed with full social media capabilities, allowing members to share their latest photos with a larger Daddyhunt community, gain followers, like photos, and to interact in ways go beyond the headless selfie."

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8 Contactless Payment Apps To Help You Avoid Touching Cash

(2 days ago) Mobile wallets, also called digital wallets, are apps for your smartphone that can store your credit and debit card information, allowing you to pay at checkout with just a tap, explained Greg Mahnken, an industry analyst for Credit Card Insider.. “The biggest benefit to mobile wallets is that they effectively turn any debit or credit card into a contactless card,” he said.

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The 6 Online Dating Issues People Complain About Most In

(7 days ago) Below, Chappell Marsh and other therapists discuss the most common app-related annoyances they hear about from their clients. Maskot via Getty Images. Many singles complain that being on a dating app feels like a part-time job. 1. Being on dating apps feels like a part-time job. To cast a wide net, many singles have profiles on multiple dating

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10 Apps To Keep You Accountable For Those New Year's

(7 days ago) In general, American consumers spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on their mobile devices, according to a Flurry report, and apps dominate people’s time and attention.Charities have been quick to jump on this trend with their own apps, and now some apps can marry your New Year’s resolutions with donations to charity.

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Best Apps My Parents Should Have HuffPost

(2 days ago) Best Apps My Parents Should Have. By Katerina Rosen. Here's some advice from a millennial to her parents on the top iPhone apps out there today. 1) Vine This app allows parents to make home videos from their iPhones and share them with family and friends. Last I checked, parents love making home videos of family events and landmarks so this app

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How To Get Free Mobile Apps and Games With The Amazon

(2 days ago) Before you can get all of those great new apps on your Android-enabled device (not to mention a free Angry Birds Rio!), you'll need to download the app to your mobile phone or tablet. Make sure to sign into your Amazon account. Visit the details page for any app in the Appstore for Android.

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Best Free iPhone Apps 2010: See The 9 Most Popular Apps

(6 days ago) 2010 was a year of explosive growth in mobile apps. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the choice and wondering which chart-topping apps to recommend this holiday, Apple has released the iTunes Rewind 2010, a list of apps that iOS users can't get enough of.

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The Top 5 Apps to Drive Employee Engagement HuffPost

(1 days ago) As stated, employees don’t need a company email address to access the app, unlike many organizational apps that I’ve seen. 15Five. 15Five is an employee engagement app that focuses on feedback, peer-to-peer recognition and employee to supervisor communication. The platform’s main feature is the “weekly check-in” for every employee.

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What Mindfulness App Is Right for You

(8 days ago) Here are the top 4 mindfulness apps based on the study (ratings are out of 5 = excellent): Headspace (Overall Rating 4.0) Smiling Mind (Overall Rating 3.7) iMindfulness (Overall Rating 3.5) Mindfulness Daily (Overall Rating 3.5) The lowest rated app was Mindfulness Trainer (Overall Rating 2.6). Check out the table below summarizing the rankings

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Is Your Mobile App Idea Useful or Useless

(7 days ago) First, gain a thorough understanding of the App Store and Google Play marketplaces. The app store displays the top-paid, top-free and top-grossing apps in near real-time. It's a best practice to review these charts frequently and take notes of trending apps. This will also educate you on winning app designs, marketing techniques and pricing models.

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What It's Like To Date Online As A Trans Person HuffPost

(1 days ago) Apps that do cater to trans men and women leave a lot to desired; Transdr, one of the better-known apps, has been called a “hot mess” for use of multiple derogatory terms in both advertisements for the app and on the app itself.

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5 Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone And Replace To

(4 days ago) Mobile apps bring entertainment and convenience to our lives, but they can also make it too easy to spend money. So if you’re looking for a quick way to save some bucks, consider deleting the following apps and replacing them with better alternatives.

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10 Qualities of Successful Mobile Apps in Startup Tech

(6 days ago) Mobile apps are a common development choice for startup tech companies, but in order to be successful you'll need to pay careful attention to these 10 important qualities. Technology's evolutionary path has led us to an age where the most significant developments seem to be the ones that can fit on a smartphone.

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Banned iPhone Apps: 15 Most Outrageous Rejected Apps

(5 days ago) Banned iPhone Apps: 15 Most Outrageous Rejected Apps (PHOTOS) Just today, Apple seems to have revamped its App Store’s policy on ‘overtly sexual content,’ and has begun removing some adult apps. The Cupertino company has repeatedly come under fire for what developers say is a murky and ambiguous app approval process—and the latest

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App Analyzes Your Personality And Tells You How To Work It

(7 days ago) Career site Levo has released an app that can help you gain some insight about your own talents and how to translate them into the office. The app, Thinking Talents, asks you a series of 35 questions about your skills and personality. In the end, you’ll be presented with a little personality profile to help you identify your professional

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10 Reasons I Quit Online Dating HuffPost

(6 days ago) 7. I Wasn’t Happy. While I didn’t realize this till months later, I was simply unhappy with my life. I was using the idea of dating as an escape from my own life because well, it’s an easy distraction, and even easier the more venues, or apps, you have to keep the hunt alive.

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Simplified Computer Software That Can Help Seniors Get

(1 days ago) The six-button menu puts seniors literally one-click-of-the-mouse away from simplified versions of email, the Web, Skype for video calls, chat groups, a simple word processing program and more. It’s also worth noting that Eldy software works on touch-screen computers too, and they also offer online tech-support. Fee-Based Services.

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Teenage Girls In This Photo Series Show The Scary Effects

(9 days ago) Teenage Girls In This Photo Series Show The Scary Effects Of Editing Apps. British photographer Rankin asked teens to edit their own portraits until they were "social media ready." The results are fascinating. Photo editing has become an open secret in the land of social media. Apps like Instagram and FaceTune have made it so easy for us to

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Biden White House Drops Trump Orders Trying To Ban TikTok

(Just Now) WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House has dropped Trump-era executive orders that attempted to ban the popular apps TikTok and WeChat and will conduct its own review aimed at identifying national security risks with software applications tied to China, officials said Wednesday. Download. A new executive order directs the Commerce Department to

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5 Reasons Why Married Indian Women Are Turning To Dating Apps

(1 days ago) 5 Reasons Why Married Indian Women Are Turning To Dating Apps. When 40-year-old Manisha Agarwal (name changed) logged on to a dating app for the first time, she was paralysed with fear. Married for 15 years, she needed a distraction from her sexless and loveless marriage, but was scared she would be caught in the act.

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10 Apps That Support Charity HuffPost

(7 days ago) Check out these 10 apps that support charity as you wait for the full launch of Google’s One Today app. 1. Budge. Budge is a great way to spice up any friendly challenge. With the Budge app, you can create a challenge with your friends or family, and the loser has to pay an agreed upon donation.

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Most Of Us Are Trying To Date 'Out Of Our League,' New

(9 days ago) Age isn’t the only mark against women on dating apps. Higher education dims their prospects, too. An undergraduate degree was seen as desirable, but a woman’s desirability ranking took a hit if she pursued a postgraduate education. That wasn’t true for highly educated guys: Men with bachelor’s degrees beat high school graduates, and men

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This Free App Will Solve Math Problems For You HuffPost

(4 days ago) There’s now an app for that. PhotoMath promises to help solve simple linear equations and other math problems by “reading” questions with the help of your smartphone camera. But an answer isn’t all you’ll get from this free app. PhotoMath also provides a step-by-step guide of how each problem is solved, a feature that some consumers

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5 Apps To Help You De-Stress And Sleep Easy HuffPost Life

(Just Now) These five free smartphone apps will help you manage your stress and sleep easier at night. Keep in mind that using your phone before bed is a known culprit in obstructing sleep, so leave it in airplane mode to minimize distractions. Sleep Better.

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9 Asian-Americans Get Real About What It's Like To Date In

(5 days ago) In a speed-dating study conducted at Columbia University in 2006, Asian men also had the most difficulty getting a second date. Asian women have to deal with race-related dating frustrations, too, including rampant fetishization on and offline. To get a better feel for what it’s like to date as an Asian-American today, we asked our readers

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Underage Teens Are Using Hookup App Tinder; Should Parents

(2 days ago) Though most popular dating and hookup apps and websites -- including OKCupid,, Grindr, MiuMeet and Blendr -- only allow users who are 18 and older, Tinder is not the only app in this category that permits users as young as 13. Skout and, for instance, both allow users who are 13 and older.

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These Apps Will Not Educate Your Baby HuffPost

(8 days ago) The other research we cite is the growing body of evidence that screen media -- videos, television, apps -- is not an effective tool for educating babies. Here, too, Rosin objects, conflating babies with older children. She says, "CCFC is exaggerating when they say there are no credible scientific studies that show kids can learn from apps."

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5 Tools for Tracking Kids' Screen Time HuffPost

(5 days ago) The general age categories are Pre-K; Kid; Teen; and Adult, for parents who want to monitor their own (or each other’s screen time). You can get very specific with controls, enabling or disabling certain websites and apps after a certain amount of time (e.g. 45 minutes of Minecraft).

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