8 Best Driving Apps HiConsumption

Waze. Waze is the perfect app for those who are looking to be a part of a community of drivers who hold one another accountable — communicating up-to-the …

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Work Smart: 12 Best Productivity Apps HiConsumption

(9 days ago) Blinkist. Here’s an obvious ticket to self-knowledge and growth. Reading. And if you’re the type of person who feels the itching sensation to pull information from multiple resources at once, then Blinklist is the ideal app. Simply put, the app distills insight from over 2,000 bestselling nonfiction books into worthwhile 15-minute reads or listens for bite-sized consumption.

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Home Hunt: The 7 Best Apartment Finding Apps HiConsumption

(4 days ago) Supreme Simplicity: Probably one of the easiest apps to use, it’s clear that this was developed with mobile devices in mind, since there isn’t quite the same amount of typing that goes into the search criteria of many other apartment-hunting applications. Just click on an area to zoom, pick the distance around a central location in which to

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Run Tech: 12 Best Treadmill Apps HiConsumption

(6 days ago) And it’s compatible with all music apps so you can jam out to uplifting tunes on your workout headphones. The treadmill-compatible app is the ideal training tool to help you conquer your first 5K run. Download: Here. Aaptiv. Aaptiv will provide you access to over 2,500 trainer-led workouts at any time of the day. There are over 30 new classes

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10 Best Mobile Apps For Motorcycle Riders HiConsumption

(7 days ago) No, these apps aren’t quite the Facebook of the motorcycling world, but they’re pretty close — allowing riders to track, map, plan, and throttle their way toward a healthy relationship within the expanding genre of pavement-pounding sleds. We’ve compiled a list of essential apps that every motorcyclist should have, regardless of whether

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Romance by Phonelight: The 9 Best Dating Apps HiConsumption

(3 days ago) Tinder. Pro: Hugely popular Con: Many Android users have problems getting app to verify Platforms: Android, iOS Fast and Loose: Tinder is still the most prolific of the dating apps out there, even if it tends to be aimed more toward those who are looking for an evening of passion rather than any kind of real romance. The setup is quick and easy with almost no profile information to fill out

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U.S. National Park Service App HiConsumption

(5 days ago) In an effort to keep with the times, the U.S. National Park Service has been offering free smartphone apps that show hiking trails, available park services, maps, and tour and accessibility information, among other features.And though these apps are no doubt incredibly useful to those visiting these celebrated American sites and landmarks, each national park has thus far had its own app

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SoundID App HiConsumption

(8 days ago) And while some brands have created sound-shaping apps for specific devices, this one is non-brand-specific and is compatible with over 400 different audio devices ranging from studio headphones to workout earbuds, to car stereos, and even home speakers and smart devices. All you have to do is take a short guided exam, kind of like you would at

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Wayward Son: 20 Best Travel Apps HiConsumption

(3 days ago) Wayward Son: 20 Best Travel Apps. Mike Waldron. Aug 15, 2016. Category: Tech. In our ever connected and highly globalized world, traveling is becoming increasingly user-friendly. As a matter of fact, it’s actually quite easy these days. In most cases, it’s as simple as booking a flight, car, and hotel all on one website, making your travel

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Rain or Shine: 8 Best Weather Apps HiConsumption

(4 days ago) Well, just have a look for yourself at the following eight best weather apps that are sure to keep you informed on changing conditions, rain or shine. Weather Underground Founded back in 1995 by a doctoral candidate in meteorology at the University of Michigan, Weather Underground is now based out of San Francisco and in 2012 was acquired by

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Into The Stream: 33 Best Apple TV Apps HiConsumption

(5 days ago) Shopping Apps. It makes sense that the smart TV would integrate the technologies and applications offered by other pieces of tech in a comprehensive fashion. Integrating shopping apps into the television break the fourth wall, in a sense. No longer is the TV an entertainer, but a utility with which users can interact.

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Trek Tech: The 18 Best Hiking Apps HiConsumption

(1 days ago) Cairn. While Cairn offers much of the same kinds of things many other hiking apps offer – like downloadable topo maps and information on local hiking trails – it also offers one major thing lacking in all other programs: it maps out cell coverage in the great outdoors.

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9 Best Apps For Beer Lovers HiConsumption

(4 days ago) There are apps for just about every hobby you can think of. Drinking coffee, painting, kntting, RC Cars–they all have their own apps. Beer drinking isn’t any different. In fact, there is quite an abundance of apps aimed at beer enthusiasts.

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Bullet Points: 12 Best Note Taking Apps HiConsumption

(8 days ago) Bullet Points: 12 Best Note Taking Apps. Mike Bitanga. Apr 4, 2019. Category: Tech. Taking notes in high school may have seemed like a useless task, but there are phenomenal benefits that come with the overlooked skill. Keeping your mind organized is crucial to success, no matter what field you’re in, and taking notes is the ideal way to keep

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The 18 Best Apple Watch Apps HiConsumption

(8 days ago) Lyft. Mint. One of the most difficult things to keep track of in our world of monthly subscriptions and microtransactions is a personal budget. That is, unless you download the Mint app. This super simple Apple Watch app will let you easily keep track of your spending, will let you manage your money all in one place, and will even let you set spending allotments for things like groceries, gas

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15 Best Fitness & Workout Apps of 2021 HiConsumption

(2 days ago) Disclaimer: The prices you see below are reflexive of the bare-minimum monthly rate to use these apps. As some offer a suite of free features and workouts, they are marked with a $0 starting rate. However, to access the full range of workouts, training, and support, users may have to upgrade to a paid membership.

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10 Best Mindfulness & Meditation Apps For Your Mental

(9 days ago) While a decent number of mindfulness and meditation apps offer users free trials or demos, Insight Timer is 100% free. As its name suggests, this app is primarily a meditation timer with some fine-tuning options, and the ability to set an alarm that slowly increases in sound, gently lulling you from your meditation without abruptly and

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8 Best Audio Streaming Services of 2021 HiConsumption

(6 days ago) Unlike radio, which is largely regional, streaming services rely on online services and mobile apps to provide their service. As such, the category has whittled down fairly significantly over the years since the technology’s inception — leaving only a few worthwhile and/or noteworthy players in the space.

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10 Best iPhone Alternatives Available in 2021 HiConsumption

(1 days ago) It also has 5G compatibility, a crystal-clear HD display, a professional-grade camera array, two days’ worth of battery life, wireless charging, an adaptive power system that will prioritize your most frequently-used apps, built-in malware protection, and a bevy of other clever and handy features.

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12 Best Video Streaming Services of 2021 HiConsumption

(6 days ago) As a result, nearly all of Sling’s Dish-approved channels and services are available while on-the-go, allowing users to stream their content through smart devices, apps, and digital media players for an all-inclusive mobile experience. Purchase: $30/Month. Twitch

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Movers & Shakers: 10 Best Apartment Hunting Apps

(4 days ago) In short, these are the 10 best apartment hunting apps money can’t buy. Because, on top of all that, they’re free to use. Apartments.com. Functioning as the well-designed version of the popular website, the Apartments.com app was given a fresh facelift via a group of dedicated developers who rebuilt everything from the ground up. What’s

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The Complete Guide To Apple Products of 2021 HiConsumption

(3 days ago) There’s the free Apple TV app, which functions like many of the big-name streaming apps and allows you to stream, rent, and buy bits of entertainment. And then there’s the upgrade to Apple TV+, which grants users immediate access to all of Apple’s original movies and television shows for a monthly fee — alongside whatever other services

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Simpsons World App: Every Episode Of The Simpsons For Free

(4 days ago) For free. The one catch with Simpsons World is that you have to be a subscriber to Time Warner Cable or Comcast cable TV, but if you’ve got that under your belt, download the FXNow app and you’ll be ready to enjoy any of the 552 Simpsons episodes anytime you like. Non-subscribers will be limited to watching random clips and secondary content.

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The 10 Best Smart TVs For Your Modern Living Room

(1 days ago) It has a built-in Chromecast so you can stream thousands of apps, allowing you to unwind with your favorite TV show, movie, or catch your team’s next game. Enjoy the deepest blacks and brightest picture every time you turn the P-Series Quantum X Class Smart TV on via UltraBright 2700 technology, which is the brightest in the brand’s lineup.

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12 Best Apple Watch Alternatives of 2021 HiConsumption

(6 days ago) However, come time to work out, it’s also incredibly capable as a sport-minded smartwatch, boasting some 70 different workout modes, free offline outdoor maps, and support for a variety of different third-party fitness apps.

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8 Best Tablets For Any Budget of 2021 HiConsumption

(9 days ago) Apps: Without a doubt, one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a tablet is figuring out what types of apps are available for it. After all, pretty much everything you’ll be doing on your tablet will require some kind of application.

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Cut, Print: The 8 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

(7 days ago) Cut, Print: The 8 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps. M. W. Byrne. Sep 18, 2015. Category: Tech. While it might not yet be able to compete with a full DSLR camera, for the average photographer the iPhone is going to be all they need to snap plenty of incredible pictures that go far beyond the average selfie. But for as good as the iPhone camera is

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Surfline Sessions App HiConsumption

(8 days ago) With fitness-oriented apps, peripherals, and lifestyles rising in popularity over the past few years, it makes sense that alternative mediums are beginning to develop their very own software for bespoke tracking endeavors.Now, the team at Surfline — one of the sport’s most trusted sources for news, forecasts, and environmental cognizance — have released their highly-anticipated

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10 Best Smart Alarm Clocks of 2021 HiConsumption

(Just Now) Many of these clocks are paired with smartphone apps, allowing them to be programmed remotely, as well as for much more alarm fine-tuning — for say, setting an alarm for a different time on different days (or even different weeks). Features and versatility are other areas of upmost importance when in the market for a smart alarm clock.

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10 Best Soundbars For Your Home in 2021 HiConsumption

(1 days ago) Onboard Devices: In addition to connectivity to smartphones, a great many soundbars now come straight from the factory loaded up with apps and streaming services, not unlike a modern smart TV. What’s more, virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa have also be appearing on soundbars, as have apps like Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect—the latter two of which can be used to stream Hi …

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Think Different: The 15 Best Apple iPhone Hacks

(2 days ago) 9. 3D Touch Folder Notifications. One way to keep the home screen as neat and tidy as possible is through the use of organizational folders. However, if things get a little complicated (notification-wise that is) then you can easily view which app in each folder hosts a pending notification by tapping and holding that partially folder (otherwise known as 3D Touch) to get a glance at which app

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8 Best Online Shops For Used Outdoor Gear HiConsumption

(3 days ago) REI Co-Op Used Gear. REI has been one of the top names in outdoor gear for quite a long time, which is one of the big reasons we were so excited to hear they were adding a used gear segment to their online store. You see, having solidified themselves amongst the best brands in the industry, they’re a trustworthy source for all types of gear

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Fit Future: 20 Best High Tech Fitness Gadgets HiConsumption

(7 days ago) This planking platform with a ‘Biofoam’ support pad comes with two gaming apps: Stealth Core Challenge and Stealth Speed Gliding. Purchase: $299. GoPro Hero 7 Camera. Proper technique is a critical part of working out, and strapping on a GoPro can help you analyze your performance visually. On the other hand, you can simply capture the

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8 Best Motorcycle GPS Navigators for 2021 HiConsumption

(6 days ago) While different models are equipped with different extras, some of the more useful and noteworthy amenities include GPS pet tracking, group rider tracking, two-way text or radio messaging, onboard SOS beacons, built-in cameras, access to live weather reports, and connectivity to smartphone apps, just to name a few. EatSleepRIDE App

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12 Best Side-by-Side UTVs of 2021 HiConsumption

(9 days ago) High-end sound systems, battery charging stations, Bluetooth connectivity, and pairing with dedicated smartphone apps have also become more and more common in this space. Upgrade Packages: Most SxS models are offered in numerous trims, with a base model, and then up-specced versions that feature a host of factory upgrades such as winches, crash

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Primer: How to Read a Barometer HiConsumption

(Just Now) These days, we take weather forecasts for granted. Simply opening our trusty weather apps or catching the latest news forecast during our local news hour is borderline mindless. Often, we’re told the forecast typically up to seven days in advance with little to no understanding of how or why it’s going to rain on Tuesday and once again be sunny on Wednesday.

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6 Best iPhone Photography Lenses of 2021 HiConsumption

(7 days ago) The 8 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps. These days, taking photos while on-the-go is a common occurrence. Once you’ve taken your captures to the next level with any of the aforementioned lenses, head over to our guide on the best iPhone photo editing apps to …

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15 Best Smart Appliances To Buy in 2021 HiConsumption

(8 days ago) Thanks to its WiFi connection and massive, brilliant touchscreen, the Family Hub can control and communicate other smart devices in your home, stream TV from your favorite apps like Netflix, and even call an Uber. And since it’s a fridge, there are a ton of food-related features, too.

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Apple Fitness+ HiConsumption

(5 days ago) Whether you’re at home, at the gym, or on-the-go, Fitness+ promises to tie together all of your favorite Apple fitness apps, creating the perfect synergy for everyday progress. Look for the program to become available on December 14th for $10 a month, or for a discounted annual rate of $80. Purchase: $10/Month. HiConsumption is reader-supported.

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How To Free Up iCloud Storage On Your iPhone HiConsumption

(1 days ago) Option 1: Choosing Which Apps To Backup (for iOS 10.3 or later): 1. Head to Settings, [your name], then iCloud 2. Tap iCloud Storage, then Manage Storage 3. Tap the name of the device 4. Now, under Choose Data to Backup, turn off any and all apps

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Total Control: The 9 Best Universal Remotes HiConsumption

(9 days ago) It can also work through apps for Android and Apple devices, giving you the possibility to add or change features without needing to directly interface with the remote. The Ultimate can interface with as many as 15 devices, though it will take a dog’s age to get all that gear to work with the remote since setup can be a …

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The 12 Best iPhone Charging Docks HiConsumption

(3 days ago) With designs that keep you from just tossing your phone haphazardly onto a desk or countertop and frequently including some way to connect to either a wall socket for charging, to your computer for syncing, or to some kind of speaker system to play music directly from your onboard files or apps, docks are an excellent way to ensure that your

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Gamer Goggles: 10 Best VR Headsets HiConsumption

(Just Now) Better still, it uses Google’s Daydream platform – meaning out of the box you have access to over 250 apps and games. It also features a 2.5 hour battery life – which is great if you want to take advantage of any live-streaming events – has a 2560 x 1440 resolution via a QHD display, and has its own onboard memory (expandable up to 256

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8 Best Smart Water Bottles of 2021 HiConsumption

(1 days ago) Some company’s apps also boast markedly more user-friendly interfaces than others. There are also bottles that can pair with other fitness trackers, apps, or other smart workout gadgets. If you’ve already invested in other fitness tracking gear, this latter area is especially worth checking on.

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The Beginner's Guide To Learning How To Hike HiConsumption

(2 days ago) A Quick Assessment. Speaking of not pushing too hard, it’s an extremely good idea to do an honest assessment of your fitness level, skillset, and a few other factors (such as the time of day you intend to begin your hike and how long the hike is expected to …

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How Athleisure Evolved Into The Post-Pandemic WFH Uniform

(4 days ago) How Athleisure Evolved Into The Post-Pandemic WFH Uniform. The term “Athleisure” (or “Athleisure wear”) was first coined at the tail end of the 1970s, though it wasn’t until recent years that the word became a widely-recognized household term. As exercise grew in popularity, a host of clothing and sportswear brands stepped in to meet

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 HiConsumption

(Just Now) Like the original Surface Duo, the main draw of the Surface Duo 2 may be the ability to use two apps simultaneously on two displays, and in some cases, have them interact. And with this unique functionality now complemented by more capable hardware, the Surface Duo 2’s starting price of $1,500 suddenly doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

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