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Today, plenty of apps let you make learning an interactive and mobile experience. But an app that enables self-development is wanting. Here, we are discussing the core features that can prepare you to be ready for learning. …

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4 Best eLearning Mobile Apps For Your Employees

(8 days ago) BoostHQ is a different concept from the apps mentioned above as it is a free content sharing app that allows you to push useful information to select …

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7 Useful Smartphone Apps For Students

(7 days ago) Smartphone apps have played a vital role in organizing and managing things seamlessly. Whether you are a student, a full-time employee, or a successful entrepreneur, apps can help you to remember things, do the tasks in a timely manner, and help you solve complex problems.

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Mobile Apps Transform The Future Of eLearning

(8 days ago) Apps like Samsung’s DeX allow users to use their smartphones as desktops. These learning apps allow users to access information via games, quizzes, and more fun methods from anywhere in the world, even while they are traveling. The current microlearning and content chunk methods have proven to be beneficial and have made learning more efficient.

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5 Of The Best Knowledge Sharing Apps

(9 days ago) Knowledge Sharing Apps: Collaborating And Sharing Knowledge Easier There are many great knowledge sharing apps on the market, so to get you started, here are 5 of the most adaptable ones. 1. BoostHQ BoostHQ is one of the most popular apps for your team to share links, files, and thoughts on topics that are useful, interesting, or important.

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Top 8 Mobile Apps For Text Analysis

(5 days ago) Using Mobile Apps For Text Analysis The latest report from Flurry says users spend much time with mobile apps while looking for some info or functions, trying to avoid a long search through mobile web browsers. And, in general, within the latest years we have witnessed an incredible increase in native apps usage.

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How To Create An eLearning App And Platform

(2 days ago) Summary: The world of eLearning often lacks standards and leaves much to be desired in terms of accessibility. Below we’ll look at what it takes to build an effective educational platform and how to create an eLearning app, taking into account the …

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Mobile Apps For Employee Training: Don't Just Train Your

(7 days ago) Mobile apps for learning are a highly learner-centric format, and they truly empower learners by giving them control on how they want to learn. Given their ability to offer personalized learning that can be taken on the go and even when employees are offline, it makes mobile apps a preferred training delivery format for learners and businesses.

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Be Productive: 6 Essential Study Apps For Students

(4 days ago) Essential Study Apps For Students That Will Help You Be Productive Every student needs as much help as they can get, because it really is a balancing act. Doing well at school should always be priority number 1, but normal life still continues.

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7 Online Tools That Will Help You Self-Edit And Write

(9 days ago) There are several pros and cons of editing your own work, but if you do decide to go it alone, you can use these apps to help you out. 1. Mindnode. Mindnode is an incredible app for when it comes time to organize your ideas and thoughts. The tool helps you organize your thoughts and work through concepts and ideas.

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7 Little Known Ways To Use Popular Apps In The Classroom

(6 days ago) There are so many apps, programs, and websites that can help teachers diversify and simplify the studying process. Let’s have a look at some ways of using popular apps in the classroom. 1. Grammar Correction Apps. Well, many teachers will probably disapprove this one, but it is an existing and working method of using apps at school.

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Mobile-Based Education Apps

(9 days ago) Education apps provide both systematic and smart learning. The apps for education are arranged in a systematic way that it becomes possible for students to go with the flow. 2. Enhanced Interaction. According to experts, education apps can make children more active and create better interactive engagement between parents and children.

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7 Mobile Learning Apps You Need To Know About

(2 days ago) The Mobile Learning Apps You Need To Know About. There was a time when trainers were the guardians of knowledge, but since the dawn of the internet, it’s never been easier for learners to forge their own learning paths. Since informal learning is now the future of L&D, learning managers need to rethink their role.

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Educational Mobile Apps And Chatbots

(5 days ago) How Chatbots Boost Education Apps? Chatbots can be easily accessed in a messaging app. For instance, you can deploy your institution's chatbot across your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for potential students to utilize it. Chatbot app development is more agile and less costly to develop and deploy. Designing and developing a website or mobile

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4 Corporate Training Apps For Training On Demand

(1 days ago) The above listed apps are just few picks from the large pool of corporate training apps available today in the store. Pick and choose the one that best fits your needs. Such apps let you undergo a self paced learning and training at your choice. The fervor to train and get educated has been there for years. The methodology and approach is changing.

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10 Reasons To Use Learning Apps

(8 days ago) With a projected 269 billion downloads 1 in 2017 alone, mobile apps are big news. One report 2 saw a 25% increase in time spent on mobile apps worldwide between 2015 and 2016. Although this growth is starting to plateau 3 , it’s safe to say that in the battle between mobile and desktop, our pocket-sized pal has clearly come out on top 4 .

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7 Useful Mac Apps For College Students

(1 days ago) They tend to have all kinds of duplicate files littering the disk – essay drafts, academic paper copies, discarded apps, innumerable photos. This cleaner is a great tool to detect and delete duplicate files on Mac, system junk, large files – everything that can be safely removed to free up some additional space.

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10 Top Educational Apps For Kids

(2 days ago) Educational apps now bridge the communication gap between not only parents and teachers, but also kids and teachers. Childhood is important for learning. And because children become smarter and smarter, there is great need to introduce different, advanced learning means and methods.

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Top 20 Guides for Setting Up an Internal App Store

(Just Now) Managing frequent updation of apps from in a centralized way (whenever there are version upgrades) Managing the usage information statistics for making good purchase/licensing decisions. An internal app store (also called ‘Enterprise App Store’ or ‘Corporate App Store’) is the solution for addressing these challenges.

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Top 10 FREE iPad Apps For Teachers

(4 days ago) Top 10 FREE iPad Apps to engage your students. 1. Subtext If you want to enjoy digital book discussions with your students, Subtext is the ideal app for you. A free iPad app that allows classroom groups to exchange ideas in the pages of digital texts. Your students can now improve their analytical and writing skills through the use of

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5 Most Common Questions About Learning Apps

(8 days ago) The mobile apps that we use are intended to accomplish specific tasks. These tasks are usually transactional, and apps add a layer of virtual ease for users. Most mobile apps are standalone applications complete in themselves. Learning apps, on the contrary, are meant for targeted education, focused behavioral change, and enhancement of skills.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Apps For Learning In

(3 days ago) People are increasingly taking to mobile apps and the number of mobile app downloads that take place every year justifies that. According to a report, the number of mobile apps forecasted to be downloaded worldwide in 2017 stands at a whopping 2.6 million! It comes as no surprise that mobile apps for learning are an area you must invest on.

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Learning Management Systems for Non-Profits

(5 days ago) Some desktop apps are even accessible on multiple devices, making it easy for your entire eLearning team to collaborate. Mobile Application. Learning Management Systems that are accessible whenever, wherever via mobile devices. You can upload online training content so that online learners can track online training initiatives on the go.

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How To Develop Mobile Apps For Schools

(1 days ago) Mobile Apps For Schools. Last year, we witnessed a magnanimous shift in the way we view technology. Often undermined and quite infamous amongst the older generation, technology has changed in more ways than ever imagined.

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10 Mobile Apps Instructional Designers Should Be Familiar

(9 days ago) In fact, here are 10 apps that can help you collaborate on-the-go and manage your time more effectively. 1. Apple Keynote. Keynote is a mobile app for the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. It gives users the ability to create interactive online presentations that feature animated charts, images, and text. You can also integrate tables and bubble

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use The Latest Mobile Apps To

(3 days ago) Apps with inbuilt security features make a huge difference and commonly used by organizations. In the year 2017, there have been a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as consumers in the evolving market conditions. Cloud-based apps and services have gained huge significance over the last few years with an ability to sync data in

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Does Your School Need An App

(5 days ago) Summary: Schools, from elementary to university, are starting to get in on the app trend, giving students, teachers, parents and administrators an easier way to stay in touch. As Linda Erdos, spokesperson for Arlington, VA public schools, says, apps are “the next generation” of communication between parents, students and schools.

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10 Best Productivity Apps For Freelancers And Bloggers

(Just Now) 10 Productivity Apps For Freelancers To Start Off. As a freelancer, your time is more than valuable. You are under pressure to complete your projects on time, you have to keep track of them and just like these two, there are a lot of more things you need to keep an eye on.

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10 Important Educational Mobile App Features That Boost

(7 days ago) According to the recent statistics, the educational mobile apps are the third most frequently downloaded applications on the mobile phones with the current rate at 8.47%. So, if you are planning to develop a learning app, adding these indispensable features will enhance your chances of reaping the best profits for your business.

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How You Can Use Mobile Learning Apps For Microlearning

(7 days ago) What Are Mobile Learning Apps? As the name suggests, mobile learning apps are a delivery format that provides learners with the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, even without internet connection. A mobile learning app lets you view your learning content offline from …

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5 Benefits Of Using Mobile Apps For Corporate Learning

(5 days ago) Native apps are downloaded from app stores or web stores online. Examples of native apps are Contacts, Calculator, Camera, and Games. On the other hand, a web app runs via the mobile device’s web browser. These apps can be …

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10 Best Project Management Apps To Choose From

(8 days ago) How To Achieve Project Management Efficiency With These Project Management Apps. In the past, completing a project meant gathering a team together, having meetings face-to-face, dividing up the task responsibilities, monitoring progress by holding more group of individual meetings, hoping that everyone could make it at the set time, and somehow arrange …

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10 Best Language Learning Apps For Kids

(9 days ago) Language Learning Apps For Kids: Making Language Learning Fun Even Harvard is on board when it comes to children learning languages, determining based on a longitudinal study that learning language learning helped children become more creative, more flexible, and be better engaged in problem solving.

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4 Killer Examples Of Using Mobile Apps In Corporate

(7 days ago) Mobile apps for corporate training provide learners flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime with the added advantage of being able to go through the learning content even when they are offline. As the usage of microlearning and gamification is increasing (both for formal and informal training), there is an increase in adoption of mobile apps.

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Relevance And Benefits Of eLearning Mobile Apps For Your

(7 days ago) Mobile apps that are meant to facilitate imbibing new faculties and skills are the new norm in the business world today. If yours is an averagely performing company, you can change that. By employing the right methods of education and putting eLearning on the top of your priority list, you can efficiently adapt to new technologies and enhance

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Mobile Tutoring Apps Vs. Traditional Tutoring: How

(7 days ago) The apps monitor and track progress automatically and at a personal level, providing feedback that parents can use it to gauge whether or not it’s time to move the difficulty up a notch. In this way, the curriculum can be designed to be as customized as possible, helping every student strengthen his or her weaknesses and improve upon strengths.

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Microlearning LMS Software To Try [Top List 2021

(3 days ago) Summing up, the microlearning LMS software that you purchase needs to break down the accessibility barriers. Have in mind that modern employees expect training anytime-anywhere. Thus, LMS vendors must prioritize downloadable content, native apps, and other on-the-go features.

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Web-Based Learning Vs Native Mobile Learning: The Case Of

(1 days ago) Heck, even most “native” apps nowadays are little more than pretty facades for web applications. The trend has started to spread to the desktop too, with technologies like Electron that allow you to distribute web apps that behave like regular desktop applications (the Slack collaboration app is such an example).

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Getting Mobile Learning Right: 6 Best Practices

(6 days ago) 6 Mobile Learning Best Practices That said, getting mobile learning right is a challenge. When you look at the mobile app industry from a distance, it is a highly successful industry – there seems to be an app for everything after all.

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Gamified Learning Apps & Mobile Training Motivation

(7 days ago) And with mobile apps, the data collected is even richer because smartphones are such a personal device. Your phone, and the people who analyze your phone’s data, probably know you better than your intimates. So, from a training perspective, use this data to push tailored mechanics. If you know an employee training participant spends 5 hours a

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