Action Needed ─ It’s Time to Reapply for Food Benefits

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an equal opportunity employer and provider. Do you need help? If you need help completing these forms or have questions about this process, please

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URL: http://www.dhs.state.or.us/policy/selfsufficiency/publications/ss-im-13-031-attach.pdf

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and

(7 days ago) A: Yes; however, a worker will look at the application to determine eligibility. There are many factors (other than income) that need to be considered.

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Application for Services

(3 days ago) If yes, where?Date last received 1 DHS 415F (REV10/05), Recycle prior versions 4. Do you want to give permission to someone else to apply or get benefi ts for you? 3. Has anyone you are applying for received services from another state within

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Food Benefits Recertification

(3 days ago) https://apps.state.or.us/connect If you would rather use a paper application, you may contact your local office. DHS values your time. We plan to keep making changes to make applying for benefits easy for you. Thank you for your time. Case number: Putting Food Within Reach Supplemental Nutrition

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Oregon DHS: Staff tools

(5 days ago) Welcome to the Brokerage Personal Agent Tools web page. Support Service Brokerages employ Personal Agents who help enrolled individuals develop an individual support plan, obtain available resources necessary to implement the plan, select people or organizations to provide specific support services, and monitor and evaluate the outcomes of delivered services.

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Office of Child Welfare Programs

(6 days ago) Rules: 413-070-0900 Purpose (1) The purpose of these rules, OAR 413-070-0900 to 413-070-0974, is to describe Department criteria for eligibility and receipt of guardianship assistance for: (a) A child in the care or custody of the Department or a participating tribe; (b) A young adult on whose behalf an initial guardianship assistance agreement was

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DD Eligibility eXPRS Instructions Section 1. User Roles

(Just Now) 1/2019 eXPRS Eligibility Instructions 6 H. Termination Code: Specify the type of eligibility termination (ie. “Age” for ending early childhood or school-age eligibility). This is not needed for a Denial. I. Re-determination: For individuals who are being re-determined, the following information must be entered:

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Regional and National Websites DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN


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Oregon DHS: Office of Communications Resources (OCR)

(9 days ago) DHS Forms and Document Management. If you have questions or comments about this site send email to DHS-Web (groupwise) or [email protected]@state.or.us

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PowerPoint Presentation

(1 days ago) Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Providence ElderPlace. Providence ElderPlace, or just ElderPlace for short, is the name of the PACE organization that operates in …

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Children, Adults and Families

(5 days ago) Children, Adults and Families Policy Title: CANS Screening and Enhanced Supervision – OAR Policy Number: I-B.1.6 413-020-0200 thru 0255 Effective Date: 1 …

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Oregon DHS: Staff tools: TANF JOBS Plus

(4 days ago) JOBS Plus is a subsidized work program administered by the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services. Individuals receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) can be placed with private or public employers and receive a subsidy for wages paid. Employers determine the wage rate and pay the worker directly.

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Office of Child Welfare Programs

(5 days ago) Office of Child Welfare Programs Policy Title: CPS Assessment – OAR Policy Number: I-AB.4 413-015-0400 thru 0485 Effective Date: 12/24/14 Approved By: Lois Day Date Approved : Reference(s): APSAC: American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

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The TANF JOBS Plus Program

(3 days ago) What is JOBS Plus? JOBS Plus is a subsidized work program that provides real jobs for TANF clients. TANF clients can be placed with an employer (private-for-profit, nonprofit, or governmental) for up to 6 …

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Office of Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) eXPRS

(7 days ago) 6 ANSWER: This IM was specifically directed to Homecare workers working for APD. It does not apply to DD providers at this time. If a HCW is also a provider

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SPD Worker Guide

(5 days ago) APD Worker Guide D.11 Third-Party Insurance, Health Insurance Premium Payments (HIPP) and Private Health Insurance (PHI) Reimbursements Updated 8/16/16. Third-Party Liability (TPL) – Private or Employer-Sponsored Insurance . When a client is identified as having private or employer sponsored health insurance, the insurance is added to MMIS so claims payments or denials are done accurately.

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Information Memorandum Aging and People with Disabilities

(6 days ago) MSC 0080 (12/14) replaces DHS 0080 (11/13) Information Memorandum Cover Sheet version Information Memorandum Transmittal Aging and People with Disabilities

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Information Memorandum Transmittal Aging and People with

(6 days ago) MSC 0080 (01.19) Information Memorandum Transmittal Aging and People with Disabilities Bob Davis Number: APD-IM-21-074 Authorized signature Issue date: 8/6/2021 Topic: Other Due date: Subject: Provider Time Capture (PTC) - Statewide Go-Live Announcement Mailer Applies to (check all that apply): All DHS employees County Mental Health Directors

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Developmental Disabilities Worker’s Guide Disabilities

(4 days ago) Developmental Disabilities Worker’s Guide Office of Developmental Disabilities Services Topic: Expectations of providers of Service Elements 50, 51 and 142 to report absences Date Issued / Updated: 07 /0 7 /2016 Overview Description: This guide clarifies the standards and practices for providers of Service Elements 50, 51 and 142 to report overnight absences in accordance with the Standards and

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State Plan Personal Care Services (SPPC)

(4 days ago) 6 Personal Assistance Services: Requirement of SPPC OAR 411-034-0020(2)(a-f) Individual must require and receive a paid personal assistance service OAR 411-034-0040 Employer/employee relationship with HCWs OAR 411-034-0050 Provider must be qualified to be paid by the Department Payment must be in accordance with an authorized service plan

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