Smart phone apps for smart gardeners

Smart phone apps put science-based gardening information in the palm of your hand. If you have a smart phone, it may soon be one of your favorite landscape tools! With the advancements of technology, portable devices can now provide science-based horticulture information in …

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Nutrition and health – there is an app for that!

(5 days ago) There are over 100,000 general nutrition apps available for smartphones, Blackberries, tablets and other such devices. It is important to understand which apps are helpful and based on fact, not fad. Try to determine who designed the app and what you are interested in.

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MSU Google Drive and Docs

(5 days ago) MSU Google Apps Education Edition includes the following: Google Calendar - Organize schedules and share events and calendars with others. Google Drive and Docs - Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate in real-time with your team or with your whole school. You can publish final documents to the entire world, too.

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So many apps, so little time—which agricultural apps are

(6 days ago) Attendees will go home with some suggestions for apps, an understanding of how to evaluate apps and a better understanding of how to use a selection of apps. MSU Agriculture Innovation Day is an annual event focusing on in-depth education on critical topics. The event rotates to various locations throughout the state to give farmers access to

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Food tracking, there’s an app for that!

(6 days ago) Some apps also allow users to input exercise data and personal body type data. The level of detail depends on the app. A simple keyword search on a popular download site yielded almost 100 diet tracking apps, many of which are free. Choosing the right app for you, however, can be painstaking.

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Fitness and diet applications for your smart phone

(5 days ago) The world of apps is evolving rapidly, if you don’t find what works for you now, check back regularly and at some point, you may find something that works for you. 4. But, don’t just download or collect apps, you have to work the program to benefit from the app. 5.

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Downloading and Installing Office 365 Software for Windows

(2 days ago) IMPORTANT NOTE: Add on software from Microsoft such as Project and Visio will no longer be compatible between Office 2016 and Office 365 so you may need to purchase these products for Office 365 separately. Go to the Office 365 Portal.; Enter your MSU Email.; Select Next.; Enter your MSU Password.; Select Sign In.; Select the Checkbox for Don't show this again.

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Basic tips for filling out good scholarship applications

(6 days ago) Michigan State University Extension shares five tips to help you have a successful scholarship application: Complete the full application and follow all directions or requirements. Make sure someone proof reads and edits the scholarship application before submitting. Send materials in before the deadline date.

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Tech Tools for MSU Extension Staff

(4 days ago) Google Apps. The Google suite for MSU Faculty and staff includes access to Drive (sharing documents), Forms (surveys), Google Classroom Sites (note that the classrooms are not open to the public), Jamboards (brainstorming tool), and more! URL: MediaSpace

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ANR Information Technology

(3 days ago) MSU has secured an agreement with Google to offer MSU Google Apps Education Edition to our faculty, academic faculty retirees, students and staff. MSU Web Services and Cascade Server Published on May 5, 2021 MSU IT Web Hosting offers MSU units and MSU-affiliated organizations the ability to put their websites online with an approved domain name

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Use apps for exercise motivation

(2 days ago) Apps, short for application are small computer programs that can be downloaded on mobile devices to be used for a specific purpose. People use mobile devices for work and pleasure and everyone has their favorite apps they use for cooking, reading, gaming, and yes, for exercise.

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Mobile app for Midwest tree identification available for

(2 days ago) The app is available for iPhone and iPad, costs $3.99 and can be purchased through Purdue Extension's The Education Store. The mobile device version of the publication of the same name is backed by the expertise of Purdue Extension forestry specialists. "This app is a good companion for tree enthusiasts and professionals, providing information

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Helping your child develop early math skills

(4 days ago) Rote counting is one of the first mathematical skills children learn. It is simply naming numbers beginning with zero or one from memory. Most parents teach this skill in an informal way by reciting a rhyme such as “One, two, buckle my shoe” or “One potato, two potato.”. With rote counting, you can count objects such as cookies at snack

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Clearing the Cache for Microsoft Teams (Windows)

(8 days ago) Right Click on the Microsoft Teams Icon to open the Context Menu. Select Quit to completely close Microsoft Teams. Select the Windows Icon from the toolbar. Type File Explorer. Select the File Explorer icon. Select the Address Bar. Open the Cache folder. Select All Files in the Cache folder. Delete All Files in the Cache folder.

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Save money when shopping by tapping technology

(6 days ago) Apps can also help you after you have purchased an item. The app from one retail store compares prices against competitor’s advertised deals. For these apps you receive the difference in a rewards e-gift card. How the app works depends on the one you select. Some require that you scan the item’s barcode while others allow you to type in the

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Reducing agricultural risks with new technologies

(9 days ago) From using smartphone apps to soil testing and seed placement, growers aim to increase efficiency of their operations. Kalvin Canfield, (right) is a graduate student working with Maninder Singh (center), an assistant professor in the MSU Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, on precision planting in wheat.

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What do movie ratings mean

(6 days ago) Just like using technology or apps, it’s important for parents to view movies before their children see them, especially when watching PG or PG-13 movies. Watching the movie before your child allows you to see firsthand what content is included and helps you develop a plan for how to talk about it with your child. Be open.

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Tips to help early childhood providers communicate with

(3 days ago) Communication between early childhood providers and parents is an important part of a high-quality early childhood program. In the Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Infant and Toddler Programs from the Michigan Department of Education, one of the program standards is that “the program maintains ongoing partnerships with families to support families continued engagement with and

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Downloading and Installing Office 365 Software for Mac

(8 days ago) MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer, committed to achieving excellence through a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that …

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Take a step back from your smart phone

(8 days ago) Consider keeping only email, map, calendar, phone and texting on the home screen and move the social media apps, games, TV streaming apps, etc. to the second or third screen. If you can’t see something at first sight, you might take a second to think if you really need to use it.

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Be intentional about self-care

(Just Now) Free Calming Apps are a great way to have access to something directly on a phone. These apps will be right at a user’s fingertips so whenever they feel the need to ground themselves, they have direct access to ways to refocus. There could be times when self-care just isn’t working during times of extreme stress, trauma or neglect.

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How to get the most out of your fungicide sprays

(8 days ago) To get the most curative (post-infection) action from a systemic fungicide, apply the highest labeled rate since activity is concentration dependent. The same goes for preventive action; usually a higher rate often extends the residual period. You may need to reapply protectant fungicides after 1-2 inches of rain.

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Affirmation, Motivation & Laughter

(9 days ago) We all have times when we feel strong emotions; overwhelmed, lonely, angry, confused or anxious. We may need to take a break, reset and recharge. The Virtual Calming Room can help you to care for yourself, find peace, find an outlet, and restore yourself.

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Configuring Email on Android using the Samsung Email App

(9 days ago) Configuring Email on Android using the Samsung Email App (Office 365) April 22, 2021. Instructions on how to configure your MSU email account on your Samsung Android devices using the Samsung Email App. Select Email from your Apps. Select Hotmail Outlook. Enter your MSU Email ([email protected]).

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Five things parents and volunteers should know about live

(5 days ago) According to “Teens, Social Media and Technology Overview 2015” by the Pew Research, nearly three-quarters of teenagers 13–17 have or have access to a smart phone. With the high access rate to smart phones, adults need to be aware of and understand the different apps youth will download, as well as all the different options youth are using, because instead of using just one social media

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QMRA Apps and Calculators

(Just Now) QMRA apps and tools on other sites. iRISK is an online tool from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for constructing risk models and estimating health burden. Risk assessment tool for contaminated meat (Excel spreadsheet from National Technical University …

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Identifying Trees of Michigan (E2332)

(Just Now) This publication briefly describes 64 of the more common trees present in Michigan. It is designed to assist anyone with an interest in tree identification in becoming better acquainted with some of the most important trees in the state. Illustrations, keys and other descriptive information are provided. Trees identified in this bulletin.

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Proper body positioning for your barrel racing runs

(1 days ago) This is why it is important to practice proper body positioning while riding, especially when running the barrel pattern. Your body should always be in an upright position – head up, shoulders up, elbows in and belly button pointed straight at the saddle horn. From this position, you can use your seat to control the speed of the horse.

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Four ways your smartphone can help you while house hunting

(8 days ago) It’s not just about the apps. According to the joint study, “The Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate”, from the National Association of Realtors and Google 90 percent of home buyers searched online during their home buying process. 31 percent of home shoppers who take action on a real estate site are between the ages of 25 – 34.

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Breathing & Meditation

(7 days ago) We all have times when we feel strong emotions; overwhelmed, lonely, angry, confused or anxious. We may need to take a break, reset and recharge. The Virtual Calming Room can help you to care for yourself, find peace, find an outlet, and restore yourself.

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Adding your Calendar Availability to an Email in Outlook

(6 days ago) May 8, 2020. Instructions for adding a section to your email to display your calendar availability. This is especially useful for scheduling meetings with people outside of MSU. Open Outlook for Windows. Select New Email from the ribbon. Select the Insert Tab. Select Calendar. Select the Calendar you wish to share from the Calendar drop-down menu.

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ABC’s of Early Literacy: The importance of developing

(3 days ago) Emergent literacy, or reading readiness, skills begin to develop very early in life. These critical school-readiness skills go beyond knowing the ABC’s. Learn more about how to support your children’s reading readiness and school success!

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65 icebreaker questions for online meetings

(3 days ago) When meeting face-to-face, this often happens informally through chit chat before the meeting officially starts. This kind of conversation can be difficult in virtual meetings because you end up talking over each other. Below are some questions you can go through with your group, round-robin style, to have fun and learn more about each other.

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MSU receives funds from the European Commission’s Horizon

(9 days ago) Outdoor experiments will ask adult volunteers to move about the urban environment as they would on an ordinary working day, while carrying a smart phone with specific apps/wearing sensors to collect data on their travel and activity patterns, as well as their stated perceptions of the context-specific built and travel environment.

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Smartphone applications can help youth manage animal

(1 days ago) In an era where information is accessible in an instant through our smartphones, access to applications can help youth keep more accurate records of their animal science projects while also having tools at their disposal to help make critical production calculations.

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e-GRO: Providing free online education for greenhouse

(2 days ago) Electronic Grower Resources Online, or e-GRO found online at, is an award-winning collaborative effort of floriculture, greenhouse and controlled-environment Extension specialists and educators from around the country with a goal of providing timely, research-based information.The team is best known for creating free online resources, calculators, and learning tools.

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Chapter 13: Strategies for Implementing Digital Technology

(2 days ago) through tools ranging from podcasts to mobile apps, text messages, websites, so cial media, online courses, and more. These types of learning opportunities are flexible in their approach and offer opportunities to individuals with constraints on time and financial resources.

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Neighborhood Nutrition Episode 7: Crystal White

(Just Now) Neighborhood Nutrition Episode 7: Crystal White. Katie Wisneski, MSU student and intern, talks to Crystal White, community nutrition instructor, about making a food budget, helpful tools and phone apps for budgeting, using food assistance benefits online, and resources MSU Extension offers. September 12, 2020.

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Holiday planning for diabetes

(9 days ago) It can be very difficult to be health conscious this time of year as food and festivity will always be a major part of the holiday season. It’s an especially …

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Career & Employment

(2 days ago) The Michigan State University School of Packaging is the leading educator in packaging science in the world. Offering life-long packaging education, professional development, degree (bachelor's, master's and Ph.D.) programs, state-of-the-art research in the science of packaging.

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