Kids Apps by Age & Grade

Apps for preschoolers can open up a world of possibilities and fun for young children who are really starting to get interested in the world and are learning at a very fast pace. Here are some fun and educational apps for preschoolers that we rated and loved. Preschool Math – Math Galaxy.

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10 Essential Apps for Your Remote-Learning Kids

(Just Now) 10 Essential Apps for Your Remote-Learning Kids. For many families, remote learning has been no picnic! Parents who had no intention of homeschooling have found themselves thrust into that role with zero preparation and little time to learn with their already overloaded schedules.

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Best Writing Apps for Kids / 2020 Update

(8 days ago) Apps can help motivate kids and make all that practice more enjoyable when they are young, and can be tools that will help them hone their skills and get ready for college or adult life when they are older. Whether your child is three or seventeen, there are some great apps available to help them become better at writing.

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Best Middle School Apps / 2020 Update

(6 days ago) This is a great list of apps that can be used in middle school learning environments. With over 100 of the best iPhone, iPad and Android apps for middle school students reviewed by our moms and teachers, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect app for your kids’ needs. Top Apps for Middle School

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The 10 Best Logic Puzzle Apps for Kids

(2 days ago) The 10 Best Logic Puzzle Apps for Kids. Logic puzzles are great for brain exercise, no matter how old the players are! And happily, the skills needed to be successful at these motivating activities are also the exact same skills that kids need to be successful at school. App developers have created a host of choices for all age groups and with

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Best Special Needs Apps / 2020 Update

(Just Now) Finding apps that meet your student’s learning challenges can be nearly as difficult as school, but these app developers have really come through for students, parents and teachers. This selection of recommended apps will help with communication, organization, social …

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Best Drawing Apps for Kids / 2020 Update

(4 days ago) Updated for 2020, these are the Best Drawing Apps for Kids. Our team did the research so you know what apps are safe & fun for your kids! By Sandra Fleming. In Special Lists. 10 min read Best Drawing Apps for Kids [Updated for 2020] Activate your child's creative spirit.

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best apps for 8th grade Archives

(Just Now) 4th Grade Apps 5 stars - Best of the best apps 5th Grade Apps App Reviews Apps by Age and Grade Apps for Parents Editors Choice Education Apps for Kids High School Apps Homework Apps Kids Apps by Category Math Apps Middle School New & Noteworthy Special Education

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Best 3rd Grade Apps / 2020 Update

(1 days ago) The apps we’ve chosen as the best educational apps for 3rd graders are based on helping your child take that in-school learning and curiosity to the next level. To give your child supplemental practice that they will enjoy, check out our list of the best third grade apps below. You will notice that the 3rd grade math apps we chose focus on

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10 Photo Filter Apps for iOS & Android

(8 days ago) These apps allow you to add great filters to your pictures and much, much more. Free Filter Apps Polarr Photo Editor. Polarr, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases. This app’s claim to fame is the ability to create your own filters. Use their selective colors or overlays, or upload your own to push your creativity even farther.

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Best Math Apps for 4th Grade (Updated for 2020}

(6 days ago) Apps to Learn Fractions & Decimals. Slice Fractions. Ululab – $3.99. Slice Fractions is a unique game app that most fourth graders won’t even recognize as being educational, so if you want to sneak fraction lessons in on your student, this is the way to do it.

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Best 5th Grade Apps / 2020 Update

(1 days ago) We have math apps, reading apps, science apps, coding apps, awesome game apps and just about everything else covered. Fifth grade gets serious. It is more than just multiplication, state capitals, decimals and multiplication; your tech-savvy child is preparing to enter middle school. Time to help them with the top apps for 5th graders.

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Best Learning Games for 2nd Grade

(1 days ago) iOS App Store / Google Play. Nancy Drew Codes and Clues Mystery Coding Game. Her Interactive – Free with in-app purchases It’s hard to beat an app that teaches coding, problem-solving and reading comprehension all at the same time! This app is particularly aimed at second grade girls and the more STEM-related skills we can get them interested in, the better.

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Best Animal & Nature Apps / 2020 Update

(7 days ago) From 2 to 10, filling up a rainy afternoon with one of the apps below will be an easy task. Other App Categories: App by Grade, Apps by Age, Apps by Topic. Popular Preteen Top 10 Lists: Top 10 Drawing Books For Kids 2017, Best Astronomy Apps for Kids, Top 10 Water Toys For Kids 2017, Top Apps for Kids Ages 11-13

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Learning Numbers Archives

(6 days ago) Kids love learning about numbers. Ok, that’s probably not true. Maybe with the help of these awesome apps for learning numbers that can change. Check out this list of the best apps

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Best 1st Grade Apps / 2020 Update

(7 days ago) These apps represent some of the best around for first graders. You’ll find a wide array of apps that are fun and practical. Here’s our reviewed and recommended apps for 1st grade develop literacy and numeracy skills, place value concepts, geometry, thinking and logic skills, cause and effect skills, and more. Take a look at these apps.

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Best Math Apps for Elementary School Kids / 2020 Update

(2 days ago) Apps have the advantages of offering stimulating activities that are intrinsically motivating for children. The action, sound effects, bright colors, and feeling of competition all serve to keep children engaged as they cement important understandings and build skills to the necessary automatic levels.

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Homework Apps Archives

(4 days ago) 1st Grade Apps 2nd Grade Apps 5 stars - Best of the best apps Animals & Nature Apps App Reviews Apps by Age and Grade Apps by Characters and Themes Education Apps for Kids Homework Apps Kindergarten Apps Language Apps for Kids Language Arts / English Phonics Apps Preschool Apps Reading Apps Science Apps Spelling Apps

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Apps About The Ocean & Sea Archives

(8 days ago) 1st Grade Apps 2nd Grade Apps Animated eBooks App Developers App Reviews Apps About The Ocean & Sea Apps by Age and Grade Dr. Seuss Early Learning Apps eBook Apps for Kids eBooks with Record Your Voice Education Apps for Kids Kindergarten Apps Oceanhouse Media Preschool Apps Read to Me eBooks Read to Myself eBooks Toddler Apps

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Best 8th Grade Apps / 2020 Update

(1 days ago) Top Apps for 8th Grade 8th grade is a transitional time for most students. They are the top dogs in middle school, but most will soon trade for being the youngest …

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8 Great Movie-Maker Apps on iOS and Android

(8 days ago) Animation Apps Goldfish Movie Maker. Campbell Soup Company – Free. This app may be just what you are looking for- it’s completely free! You can add up to 7 characters per scene and have them interact for your film. The possibilities are endless. You can add music, combine scenes to make a major film, and collaborate with your friends.

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Best Environment Apps for Kids / 2020 Update

(8 days ago) We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Environment Apps for Kids So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks. Earth Day is a good time for us to remember the need to be good stewards of the Earth but it’s not the only time. Children are never too young to learn how important it is they do their part.

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The Best Apps for Warm Weather

(4 days ago) The Best Apps for Warm Weather. Spring and summer hold promises of warmer, wonderful weather, and everyone wants to take it outside. School is winding down, and kids need time to play. Plus, parents want very much to get the young ones off their devices and into the great outdoors. Here are some great apps that will get folks moving in the

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Learning Colors Archives

(5 days ago) Learning colors app are all about helping introduce colors to your kids. From bugs skittering around the screen to learning about their colors while exploring different environments, each app has its own unique approach to bringing color to life for children.

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High School Apps Archives

(9 days ago) best apps for kids best apps for children ipad apps apps for children best kids apps. See all results. Subscribe. Don't miss out. No spam too. Promise. Go to Appearance > Customize > Subscribe Pop-up to set this up. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you agree to these

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Arcade Games for Kids Archives

(9 days ago) Arcade favorites and classic arcade games are here for countless hours of fun. Single and multi-player arcade games will keep you and your kids coming back to play and challenge each other to score the most points. All apps are approved by our parent testers to ensure that they are age-appropriate for …

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Best Free LEGO Apps For Kids / 2020 Update

(1 days ago) These apps just scratch the surface, but they represent some of the best of the best for children both younger and older. LEGO is one of the most popular toy brands in the world, and with good reason. The toys are fun and educational, and could even be called timeless. Each new generation discovers just how magical LEGOs can be.

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Best Reading Apps for 4th Grade

(9 days ago) King’s Apps – Ninety-nine cents with in-app purchases This app offers 10 stories with randomized comprehension questions after each one. The text of the stories can easily be resized to aid reading, and the app keeps records for an unlimited number of students using Game Center. Best of all, the stories are classic, with morals that most agree are sound bits of life advice.

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Best English & Language Arts Apps for the 2017/2018 School

(8 days ago) Best English & Language Arts Apps For Every School Age. For some students, digital practice is the key to academic success. Give your techie student all the help they need with language arts with these great apps.

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Spelling Apps Archives

(8 days ago) From apps that include a fun way to learn spelling and words by playing games to apps that take a more traditional approach to language learning, all of our recommended spelling apps are perfect tools to help kids learn spelling, grammar and vocabulary—and have fun doing it!

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2nd grade apps Archives

(1 days ago) 1st Grade Apps 2nd Grade Apps 3rd Grade Apps 5 stars - Best of the best apps All Ages App Reviews Apps by Age and Grade Autism Apps Early Learning Apps Editors Choice Education Apps for Kids Kindergarten Apps Learning Numbers Music Apps For Kids New & Noteworthy Preschool Apps Special Education Special Education Apps Toddler Apps

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Best 2nd Grade Apps / 2020 Update

(1 days ago) Best Apps for Kids has found a comprehensive list of the best second grade apps. We’ve found some awesome reading apps and math apps as well as some fun interactive games and challenging puzzles. Help your child have fun this year with our favorite second grade apps list below.

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Best Math Apps for 1st Grade / 2020 Update

(6 days ago) Lola Panda will guide your young child through nine exciting math games and puzzles that include addition, subtraction, and problem-solving skills. The app is colorful, fun, and engaging. Kids can play and learn and learn and play for hours.. This app is the sample version of Lola’s Math Train, which is available in the App Store or Google Play for $4.99.

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Submit Your App For Review

(9 days ago) Developers and companies looking to get apps reviewed have a tough time when apps are designed for children. App reviews don’t happen by themselves and that can be frustrating. Parents download apps for their kids and then never find the time to write reviews on the app store.

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Phonics Apps Archives

(2 days ago) Our list of recommended Phonics apps is full of great apps that introduce children to letters, keywords, and beginning sounds for young children or special needs students. These apps help kids work on listening skills while also practicing spelling and building their vocabulary.

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Education Apps for Kids

(6 days ago) These apps build on the foundation laid in the classroom to help your child excel in learning outside of the classroom environment. Name the topic and you will find the app that can help you learn all about it, including specific interest and general knowledge apps.

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