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School Apps to Help With Your Studies

(4 days ago) Cool Apps to Help With Your Studies School can be tough at any age, no doubt about it. So, when you need help managing your schedule, doing your homework, or studying for a test, these school apps

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Best Planner and Calendar Apps for iOS

(4 days ago) Best Planner and Calendar Apps for Managing Your Busy Life No matter who we are, chances are that we all have some pretty hectic schedules. While it would be nice to be able to do just whatever we

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The Best Apps To Learn Sign Language (ASL)

(8 days ago) The Best Apps To Learn Sign Language. There are lots of apps in the App Store that try to teach you sign language. We compiled a list of our favorites.

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Apps to Deliver Anything or Run Errands

(1 days ago) Apps to Deliver Anything or Run Errands. Ever wish you had a personal delivery assistant? These apps provide on demand errand services as well delivery services.

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The best ios apps for working with geotags

(4 days ago) The Best Apps for Working with Geotags. Every picture you shoot with your iPhone or iPad contains information about where the shot was taken. In other words, each of your pictures contains a geotag.

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Learn Animal Anatomy And Physiology With These Apps

(Just Now) This collection of apps provides comprehensive and detailed information on the ins and outs of animals. From frogs to pigs to horses, these apps dive deep into the systems and structures to get

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Best APPS of the WEEK

(2 days ago) RouteWX helps make any road trip safer. The app will use weather forecast data to help you decide whether its worth it to hit the road or even provide an …

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Best APPS of the MONTH

(8 days ago) Your Modern Recipe Manager. Anyone who likes to cook should take a taste of the new app Mela. From Silvio RIzzi, the developer behind the popular RSS app Reeder, Mela is a recipe manager and more.

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Track And Manage Your Wine Cellar With These Apps

(2 days ago) ** Also look for our apps on the iPad! ** Quickly catalog, filter, sort, and manage all of the wine you own. View information, label, and add personal details.

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The Classic Games of the App Store

(6 days ago) App Store Classics The App Store might not be as popular as it is today without the introduction of these games. Here are some of the earliest and most popular games ever.

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Apps for sending cards and e-cards: iPad/iPhone Apps …

(9 days ago) Apps for sending cards and e-cards Greeting cards may be one of the few areas where physical media still reigns supreme, but your iOS devices have apps that want to change that.

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The Best Topographic Maps

(6 days ago) Whereas other mapping apps are primarily designed for cities and roads, displaying hills and mountains as flat and lifeless features, Maps 3D is packed with amazing features that brings the great

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Major TV Networks

(2 days ago) Stream full episodes of your favorite shows, local news, or sporting events from major TV networks with these apps! Best Apps. Highest scored apps in the category. NewsON. NewsON Media, LLC.

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Apps for Commuters

(1 days ago) Awesome Apps for Commuters Just getting to work doesn't have to turn into a second job. These apps keep you happy and entertained while making your travel as pain-free as possible.

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Best APPS of the WEEK

(7 days ago) We’re featuring an Apple Watch web browser, a simple weather app, and a fun way to create your own iMessage stickers in our roundup of the best new apps of the week.

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Best Music Apps for Music Lovers

(8 days ago) These apps will help you find new favorites so that you can hound your pals about what they should be listening to for a change. Discover new music through this slick app. Hype Machine.

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Improve Your Gymnastic Skills And Train Like A Pro …

(6 days ago) From beginner to pro, these gymnastic training apps will help you take your practice to the next level. These apps are the best to help you train and wil provide tips and tricks to help you improve.

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The Best Word Processors on iOS

(1 days ago) The best productivity apps keep you working, and the threat of wasted time is about as serious as it gets in this hectic world. Maybe Flowstate's methods are a little extreme, but sometimes that's

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Best transportation apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(Just Now) These apps were made to help you get around from one place to another. Best transportation apps When it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, your iPhone can be your best friend.

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Get A Little Help With Calculus Thanks To These …

(5 days ago) That's where this collection of calculous apps comes in. Get help with pre calculus all the way up to more complex levels thanks to these awesome apps. Best Apps Highest scored apps in the category

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Apps for a Night In

(2 days ago) Mobile apps don't always have to be about being, well, mobile. Here's everything you need to have all the fun of going out without having to find parking, get a table, or deal with crowds. These

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The Best News Apps for News Junkies

(7 days ago) The Best News Apps For News Junkies When you’re on the go, your iPhone is never far from your hand. Whether it be breaking news, sports, the latest technology rumors, or getting all of your

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Network Diagnostic Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(6 days ago) With its small price tag, it is a good choice for users with a small amount of needs from this category of apps. Other Apps. IP Network Scanner. by 10base-t Interactive. zTools - Network Utility.

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Camping Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(9 days ago) The apps takes full advantage of the compass and accelerometer to pick up what you're viewing in the sky. Photos of the actual planetary body also pop up when it's locked onto an object. With this

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Restaurant Apps for iOS

(3 days ago) Restaurant Apps for iOS Serve Up Great Choices for Any Meal Find a local eatery, read the reviews, make your reservation, or dine at a favorite.

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AirPrint Enabled Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(7 days ago) AirPrint is a great feature allowing apps to print to physical printers on the local network or virtual printers through Mac plugins like Printopia. Many built in apps already support this

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Best APPS of the YEAR

(2 days ago) Our Top 20 Apps of 2019 feature a little something for everyone including a photo editor for iPad, a beautiful AR app, and much more. Pixelmator Photo. Pixelmator Team. AppAdvice App of the Year.

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Shipment and Delivery Apps

(1 days ago) When you are waiting for a package, why wonder where it is? Download a handy package tracker and stay up to date on the shipping process. These apps are ideal for tracking on your device and can

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iPad Apps For Magazine Lovers: iPad/iPhone Apps …

(Just Now) Google Currents is a beautiful new entry into the collection of magazine-like apps on the iPad (and iPhone). In Currents, users can add their own blogs and news sources, or choose from the

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iPad Apps To Keep You Organized: iPad/iPhone Apps …

(3 days ago) A major part of any organizational system is a to do list app. We have mentioned other apps in this AppList that have to do functions included, but OmniFocus provides a complete workspace in which

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Apps For Bicyclists

(2 days ago) Awesome Apps For Bicyclists Maybe you bike to work for fun, or you're just trying to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Whatever your reason, these apps are here to make your time with

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Apps To Keep You Healthy: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(Just Now) The apps's combination of a large database of foods and a barcode scanner makes it easy to log the food you eat. Once you enter your current body statistics and your goal, Lose It! even tells you

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Apps for soccer coaches: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(9 days ago) Apps for soccer coaches As a coach, your clipboard is usually a mess of plays, lineups, attendance, and more. Now with your iDevice and the apps in this AppGuide, you can do all your coaching from

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Weight Lifting Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(Just Now) FitnessTrack. by BitBQ LLC. $2.99 More info. FitnessTrack is an app that tracks your workouts including weight lifting. After entering the exercise you are doing, the app tracks your progress as

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The Best Twitter Clients For iPhone: iPad/iPhone Apps …

(7 days ago) A lot of the other features found in other apps are not included. For non-serious Twitter users, who just want a good-looking app that lets them stay updated with their friends, this is the one

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Apps for Texting: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(3 days ago) Pinch iMessenger Pro. by Affle Pte Ltd. $0.99 More info. Pinch iMessengar HD is an okay option for texting on iOS. While not a bad app per se, it does not offer any features that other apps don

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Best interactive books for iPad: iPad/iPhone Apps …

(3 days ago) Music lovers have a plethora of great book-apps to choose from. The History of Jazz is one of the best and most popular. The publishers call it an “interactive timeline” which aptly sums up

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Best Web Browsers for the iPhone: iPad/iPhone Apps …

(2 days ago) Knowtilus Pro - Advanced Web Browser with Text Editor , Text to Speech and Translator. by knowtilus. $0.99 More info. Knowtilus Pro is unique among the apps in this Guide, as it is designed to do

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Apps For Mother's Day: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

(6 days ago) Make your mom smile with our selection of iPhone and iPad apps for Mother’s Day. Apps For Mother's Day. Every mother is a unique and amazing woman. Moms …

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Learning fractions on the iPhone: iPad/iPhone Apps …

(5 days ago) Fraction Basics is a good alternative to the essential apps. Included are 12 instructional presentations on fractions. Topics include understanding fractions, improper and mixed fractions

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