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Alternativly there are apps downloading other apps. There is an app checking if this happens. But unfortunately I don't remember it's name. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Jun 9 '14 at 8:13. j0chn j0chn. 305 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges.

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How to see all the purchased apps in google play store

(5 days ago) 15. Go to Playstore menu → Account → Order history, you will find all details of purchases made using the linked account. Click on the apps you wish to install from there and you are done. Edit: Added additional pics to depict the process, seeing that there are answers saying it cannot be done (App chosen is purchased but currently not

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How to get updates for apps which use Google Play on my

(7 days ago) A number of apps on my Kindle Fire indicate that updated versions are available and prompt me to "tap here to update" or words to that effect. The trouble is this: so far all the apps with updates -- even those purchased directly through the Kindle Store -- will open up Google Play and ask me to download the update package.

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google play store

(9 days ago) Google apps usually sync everything to the cloud, therefore by re-adding the account everything will be restored. If the device has the possibility to create a guest user account set a difficult password on your primary account and create a guest user. Guest users aren't allowed to install new apps, however they can use every app that is

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Install Google Play Services without Google Play Store

(5 days ago) Recently, I rooted my phone for the first time, and wanted to get rid of most Google apps including the Play Store. However, after seeing multiple apps didn't work correctly because of a dependency on the Google API, I decided I had to install Google Play Services again.

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How to export a list as Text of all Play Store Apps that I

(9 days ago) Apps on pre-Google Play devices appear to show up with package app name (i.e. com.publisher.awesomeapp). The earliest in my history is 2011. So there appears to be Android Market installs are held in this dataset. Devices.json only seems to hold recently accessed devices. I'm pretty sure I had older devices with Google Play but they aren't listed.

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How to block all android application installation

(Just Now) All Google Apps domains have settings for mobile devices that you can apply to groups of users. There is a full list of settings in the Google Apps Administrator Help Center. Here we recommend settings for general device management and settings that are specific to Android tablets for education.

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Where in the file system are applications installed

(Just Now) System apps / pre-installed-bloatware-apps are stored in /system/app with privileged apps in /system/priv-app (which are mounted read-only to prevent any changes). You may also find system apps in /custpack/app's subdirectories. normal apps in internal memory go to /data/app; some apps (encrypted on internal storage?) go to /data/app-private

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Is there a way to sort apps by popularity (number of

(5 days ago) Free apps get more downloads than paid apps, because there's less risk: if it doesn't do what you want, or it doesn't work, or you just don't like it, you can uninstall it again. There's already a widespread feeling in the industry that only free apps can survive in the market, for this reason.

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How to check an application's checksum or hash on Google

(Just Now) The Guardian Project's free and open-source app Checkey does much of what you're looking to do. via F-Droid: "Checkey is a utility for getting information about the APKs that are installed on your device. Starting with a list of all of the apps that you have installed on your device, it will show you the APK signature with a single touch, and provides links to and

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alternative markets

(9 days ago) How safe it is to use Aptoide pretty much depends on your choice of the repository. One is known to be manually curated and, I dare say, as safe as Google Play, Amazon App Store, and others. A few can be assumed as pretty safe – especially if you know so about their owners, and stick to apps

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Is there any way to sign into Google Play without also

(3 days ago) If you don't have a Google Apps account you can still create one for free even though it's been officially discontinued for some years not. You can find this advice by searching the web for: Techwalls "How to Get Free Google Apps Standard Account for Single User" I've been using options 1 and 3 myself and they have both worked fine.

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Google Play services for Instant Apps downloads/installs

(1 days ago) Background "Google Play services for Instant Apps" has installed itself onto my device without my permission. It broke functionality of my firewall (AFWall and couple of other apps). And it is updating itself and other apps/components without permission. When I uninstall this component, it downloads itself again and installs right back.

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How to list system packages uninstalled (for a user) via

(9 days ago) pm list has a -d option to display disabled apps, but it only works for apps disabled from within the android menu. If it helps, the phone in mind is not rooted and it is running Android 6.0.1. adb system-apps. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Jul 21 '20 at 15:23.

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Disable Screenshot Security

(8 days ago) Some apps present sensitive data (e.g. banking apps) or copyright-protected content (e.g. video streaming apps). App developers can opt to use the Android platform’s FLAG_SECURE setting to prevent the screen from being captured, recorded, or shown on “non-secure displays” such as the recent apps view. There are a couple of ways to disable

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How to fully backup non-rooted devices

(8 days ago) Apps that disallow backup are simply ignored when creating a backup using this way. This makes use of adb so you have to have the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) installed on your computer (on some Linux distributions: just packages android-tools-adb and android-tools-adbd).

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